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First opened in 1952, the Laurentia City Zoo was a source of civic pride for the District of Wolverton, and its collection of exotic animals from all over Meropis was a favored weekend destination for Laurentians of all ages. While the animals appear to have escaped (or, more likely, were freed) soon before the city-state was absorbed into the Nexus, the Zoo may still be of interest to visitors.

Zoos are outdoor terrain, but one tile of the Zoo - the Aviary - has an interior.

Zoo.gif You are standing outside of Zoo. The cages and animal pits are empty, and bits of trash - handbills, mostly - blow in the wind.
(Zoo Aviary Only) You are standing inside of Zoo Aviary. Much of the greenhouse roof has been damaged, allowing rain into part of the exhibit. There are no birds - living or dead - to be found, and the plants under undamaged portions of the roof are dry and dead. There is a gift shop here with a variety of souvenir clothing on display.

Outside Inside
Find % 25 20
Hide % 10 20
Allows: Strongholds