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Class CP Requires
Doom Howler 30 None
AP MP HP Other
1 5 - -
Attack Type Base Accuracy
Hand-to-Hand 10%
Dmg. Type Tgt. Dmg. Tot. Dmg.
Fire/Death Variable Variable
  • Inflicts Target with Wytchfire for 12 Status Ticks.
  • Characters afflicted by Wytchfire take 4 points of Fire damage every AP tick.
  • When a Character afflicted by Wytchfire is hit by an attack, the attack gains 4 supplemental Death damage.
  • When a Character afflicted by Wytchfire takes an action, they suffer 4 Fire or Death damage (randomly chosen).

Wytchfire is an innate Hand-to-Hand attack that costs 1 Action Point and 5 Magic Points to use. On a successful hit, the attack inflicts the Wytchfire Status Effect on the target for 12 Status Ticks. This does not affect pets.

Wytchfire produces the following negative effects on the target:

  • Every AP tick, the Wytchfire status effect deals 4 Fire damage to the target.
  • Any actions taken by a target suffering from Wytchfire cause the target to take 4 points of Fire or Death damage (randomly determined).
  • If a target suffering from Wytchfire is hit by an attack (not including pet or Area of Effect attack), the attack gains 4 Supplemental Death Damage. Note that this supplemental damage is only applied if the attacker isn't using already something that provides more supplemental damage
  • The Doom Howler gains XP for any damage not soaked as though he had personally attacked the target. If this damage kills the target, the Doom Howler does not gain bonus kill XP or kill stats.

Doom Howler Skills

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