Wyrm Master

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Wyrm Master
Tier: 3
Morality: Evil
Entrance: Defiler



It is easy for a Defiler to forget about the curse that plagues them. Unlike the Pariah, a Defiler can resist the curse by drawing strength from a higher power. However, for some Defilers this is not enough. Sometimes, the curse drives them mad, and will twist their very soul into a warped, terrible form. Such a creature is known as a Wyrm Master. In the twisted mind of a Wyrm Master, they are able to see deeper into existence, and call out to some of the more basic creatures that were similarly cursed by Namm. While an angelic force may feel confident against a single Wyrm Master, it can quickly draw forth an army from the hells of Stygia and overwhelm its foes.

Wyrm Masters are sorcerous demons who study the corrupting and corrosive forces of Evil. Able to summon hellish creatures from the Abyss, their bodies have been warped by the continuous exposure to those dark powers and they can manifest inhuman abilities the likes of which the sane cannot imagine.

Skill Summary

Skill Name Short Description
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Requirements Cost

Acid Blood Passive. When character is struck by certain attacks, they spray attacker with Acid damage. - - - -
Acid Spittle Character gains innate Thrown Weapons attack dealing 10 Acid damage, +5% to hit. Acid Blood 60 -1 -1
Summon Wrackwyrm Gains ability to summon a single Wrackwyrm. Acid Blood 60 -1 -30
Metamorphic Unguis Character gains innate Hand-to-Hand attack, dealing 10 damage of a random type. - 30 -1 -
Summon Hellhound Gains ability to summon a Hellhound. - 30 -1 -20
Master of the Pack Hellhound is upgraded. Summon Hellhound 60 - -
Nether Grafting If a Wyrm Master Rejuvenates a Hellhound, it becomes a Nether Hound. Summon Hellhound 60 - -
Summon Horrid Tentacle Gains ability to summon a Horrid Tentacle. - 30 -1 -15
Favor of GNak Horrid Tentacle is upgraded. Summon Horrid Tentacle 60 - -
Binding of GNak Horrid Tentacle is upgraded. Summon Horrid Tentacle 60 - -
Summon Imp Character can summon an Imp. - 30 -1 -15
Impish Mischief Imp is upgraded. Summon Imp 60 - -
Interpose Thrall Any attacks directed towards the Wyrm Master are redirected to the Imp. Summon Imp 60 - -
Translucency Passive. +15% to Hide, +10% to Defense against Ranged and +5% to Defense against Close Combat. - 30 - -
Twisted Leap Character can leap to any available tile. - 30 - -
Glyph Mastery Glyphs cast by the character have double duration. - 30 - -