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Magic Points

Cannot be summoned by players.

Action Points Magic Points Hit Points
150 80 110
To Hit Defense
75% 15%
Primary Attack Secondary Attack
Death, 11 Arcane, 7
Special Abilities

A Wraith is a powerful undead entity. Unlike Wights, to which they bear a superficial resemblance, Wraiths are far more potent creatures and resist domination by all but the most powerful of beings. Haldos, the first Lich, has learned how to dominate and control Wraith servants, and some of them can be found defending his Necrotic Tower. At least one Wraith can be found in the vicinity of the Tower at all times, but others may appear to drive off intruders who search the Tower to unearth fragments of the Lore of Haldon. They will appear more often to repel characters who are close to completing the Lore of Haldon.

Wraiths hunger for the energy of the living, and will voraciously drain the Magic Points of even the most powerful of spellcasters. Wraiths roam The Death Cascade and are able to freely enter buildings. Doors and Stronghold Wards will deter them, but hiding behind such obstacles in Stygia may draw the unwanted attention of hostile players. Wraiths cannot be dispelled with Cut the Silver Cord or captured with Touch of Corrupted Loyalty.

In addition to Haldos, the most powerful of ordinary Liches were once able to summon and command Wraiths. However, this ability required considerable skill and effort on the part of the caster, and Wraiths were famously fickle and prone to violently betray their "masters" at the worst of times. As a result, the secrets of commanding Wraiths have been lost to ordinary Nexals, though perhaps they could be uncovered at some future date.