Word of the Holy Light

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Word of Holy Light
Class CP Requires
Advocate 30 None
Holy Light
AP MP HP Duration
1 7 - 30 Status Ticks
  • Advocate gains +1 damage with Hand-to-hand and Archery attacks.
  • Advocate gains +10% to-hit with Hand-to-hand and Archery attacks.
  • Advocate may spend up to 4 MP per attack to deal Electric damage at +5% to-hit per MP spent.

For 1 AP and 7 MP, the Advocate may place the Holy Light Status Effect on themselves for 30 Status Ticks.

While under the influence of Holy Light, the Advocate gains +1 to damage and +10% to hit with hand-to-hand and archery attacks. In addition, the Advocate gains the option to spend up to 4 MP to influence his attacks using Holy Light. Each MP spent adds +5% to the hit chance and spending at least 1 MP converts the damage type of the attack to electric damage.

Advocate Skills

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