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Tier: 3
Morality: Unrestricted
Entrance: Sorcerer



All who study magic of any form must pay their respects to the Wizard for their vast knowledge of the Arcane arts. Those foolish enough to engage a Wizard in a battle of spells will quickly find their spells fizzling out just before impact. A Wizard knows the workings of many spells, and can unravel them before they even reach their intended target.

Not satisfied with mere proficiency in spells made by forgotten warlocks, they study obsessively. Their efforts often allowing them to strengthen the effects beyond what even those ancient makers envisioned. In combat, enemy mages might find familiar spells, their power carefully measured, striking through their protections with unprecedented power. That is, assuming that the Wizard doesn't simply subvert their own castings and send them hurtling back.

In recent times, acolytes have discovered ways of melding arcane energies in the cold steel and hot cordite of modern weapons, woven with kinetic energy and guided by pressure differential. Ever learning, ever experimenting, the Wizard has no use for outdated ideas when new knowledge beckons.

Skill Summary

Skill Name Short Description
(Click on skill name to see the full description)
Requirements Cost
Arcane Marksman Character gains +3 damage bonus with firearms, and gains a charged attacked option - 30 - +4
Arcane Siphon Character gains +2 damage bonus with firearms Arcane Marksman 60 - +4
    ↳Greater Arcane Siphon Base cost of Arcane Marksman is reduced to 3MP Arcane Siphon 90 - +3
Blink Character can teleport to any visible tile - 30 -1 -
Cosmic Affinity Character gains +15 MP total - 30 - -
Cosmic Mastery Character gains +15 MP total Cosmic Affinity 60 - -
Cosmic Oneness Character gains 2MP each tick. Cosmic Affinity 60 - -
Fortify Spell Single-target spells deal +2 damage - 30 - -
Spell Empowerment Single-target spells deal +2 damage Fortify Spell 60 - -
Magical Reserves Character gains +2 damage to any spell cast from memory - - - -
Arcane Affinity  (This skill is currently bugged) MP cost for Spellcasting, Gem Charging, Imbuing and Skill use reduced by 25% Magical Reserves 60 - -
Martial Spellcraft Passive. Character gains ability to imbue weapons with offensive spells and trigger said spells. - 30 - -
Spell Parry Character can nullify offensive spells used against them. - 30 - -
Spell Turning Character can reflect a spell used against them. Spell Parry 60 - -
Spellwand Character gains an innate weapon that is loaded with a spellgem - 30 -1 -5
Glyph Mastery Glyphs cast by the character have double duration. - 30 - -