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Class CP Requires
Advocate 30 None
Archon 30 None
Lightspeaker 30 None
Seraph 30 None
Holy Champion 30 None
AP MP HP Duration
1 3 -

Grants the character the ability to Fly

Wings grants the character the ability to fly. It costs 1 Action Point and 3 Magic Points to activate. When activated the character gains the Flying Status Effect.

Movement made while Flying is at half normal AP cost. In other words, instead of 1 AP per tile moved the character now spends 1 AP per two tiles moved. The first move after activating flight is always free (that is, costs 0 AP). This ability cannot be used indoors.

Flying allows a character to pass over obstructions or dangerous effects on the ground. For example, the character can move without trouble over lava or water tiles.

Flying grants the character certain advantages in combat. A Flying character cannot be attacked by Hand-to-Hand or Melee attacks from a non-flying character. On the other hand, the Flying character cannot make Hand-to-Hand or Melee attacks against non-flying targets, either.

At each Game Tick, any character with the Flying status effect loses that status effect and gains the Gliding Status Effect. Any character with the Gliding status effect at a Game Tick will lose that status effect and return to the ground automatically.

If a character with Gliding moves into a new tile, they will lose Gliding and regain the Flying status effect. Landing will clear any Wings-related Status Effects from the character.

Seraph Skills

Arc Lightning (free skill) → Clockwork Cloud |→ Clockwork Blade |→ Clockwork Fortitude |→ Spring of the Enhanced Capacitor || Enhanced Senses || Eye of Clockwork PrecisionEye of Deadly Grace |→ Infinite Attack || Greater SmiteSmite of the Resolute || Holy Fortitude || Stance of the GuardianDefender of Justice |→ Defender of the Innocent |→ Defender of Truth || WingsWing Shards

Advocate Skills

AnointHoly Transfer || Glyph Mastery || Blessing of Inspiration (free skill) → Blessing of Eternity |→ Blessing of the GuardianBlessing of the Stalwart | Blessing of the ResoluteBlessing of the Mighty || Cosmic Affinity || Enchant ItemSeal Magic || Intense Halo || Word of the Holy Light || Inviolate Form || Sin Eater || Healing Aura || WingsWing Wrap

Archon Skills

Beads of the Rapture || Blade of LightBlade of Ages |→ Dispelling Blade || Glyph Mastery || Cosmic AffinityCosmic Mastery || Divine Vengeance (free skill) → Enhanced Senses || Eye of JudgmentDread GazeForceful Punishment || Wings || Word of RecallSong of the Word

Lightspeaker Skills

Keepers Crook || Summon AetherspriteBrothers Bond |→ Heart Light || Summon JudgemasterSoldiers of Endurance |→ Soldiers of Might || Vitality of Justice (free skill) → Summon Wheel of Righteousness || Caretakers BlessingCaretakers Gift || Verdant Sling || Glyph Mastery || Wings

Holy Champion Skills

Aether ManipulationArcane Warrior |→ Martial Spellcraft || Cloak of AirCloak of the TornadoCloak of the Whispering Wind || Cloak of Divine Resolve (free skill) → Cloak of Holy Radiance |→ Holy Bulwark || Cloak of EarthCloak of SteelCloak of the Foundation || Cloak of FlameCloak of InfernoCloak of the Eternal Flame || Cloak of WaterCloak of the Deep RiverCloak of the Relentless Sea || Cloak of Lightning | Cloak of Quicksand | Cloak of Magma | Cloak of Mist || Summon Avenging LightCleansing Light || Holy Fortitude || Wings