Wheel of Righteousness

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Wheel of Righteousness
Magic Points
Action Points Magic Points Hit Points
90 70 90
To Hit Defense
70% 15%
Primary Attack Secondary Attack
Holy, 12 Piercing, 9
Special Abilities
  • Will not attack non-Evil targets
  • Automatically rejuvenates upon kills

The Wheel of Righteousness is a Lightspeaker Pet. Only one Wheel of Righteousness may be summoned at a time; however, it does not suffer from Pet Decay.

A Wheel of Righteousness will only attack characters of Evil alignment, unless their master possesses the Hand of Zealotry skill (in which case they will attack Neutral characters as well) or the Holier Than Thou skill (in which case they will attack anyone of lesser Morality than their master). When a Wheel kills an Evil (or Neutral if the Lightspeaker has Hand of Zealotry) target, the pet automatically rejuvenates itself free of charge. When the Wheel hits an Evil (or otherwise valid target) character, it regains the AP and MP that it spent to attack.