Weapon Breaker

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Weapon Breaker
Class CP Requires
Myrmidon 40 Strong Attack
Weapon Breaker
AP MP HP Duration
1 10 - 10 Status Ticks
  • When a Character affected by Weapon Breaker successfully hits with a single-target attack, that attack has a 20% chance to damage a non-innate Weapon the victim holds.
  • Character may spend (up to 8) MP with each attack to increase the chance by 10% for each MP spent.
  • The Weapon to be damaged is selected randomly. A Weapon's weight determines how many slots in the list it takes.
  • Weapons with Condition suffer 1 level of degradation. Weapons without Condition are destroyed.
  • If a Grenade is chosen, it detonates, dealing additional damage to the victim.

Weapon Breaker costs 1 Action Point and 10 Magic Points to use. When activated, the character gains the Weapon Breaker Status Effect for 10 Status Actions (does not stack).

While under the Weapon Breaker Status Effect the character gains a base 20% chance to damage, upon a successful hit, any non- innate weapon that the target is carrying. This chance can be increased by spending additional Magic Points when making an attack. Each additional Magic Point spent in this manner increases the chance of a weapon breakage by 10%; up to 100% by spending 8 Magic Points.

If the attack hits a weapon that can be repaired (such as a sword or gun), the weapon degrades in quality by one step (for example, from good to average). If the attack hits a weapon that is at destroyed quality the weapon is completely destroyed and removed from the target's inventory. Renamed items that are destroyed in this way will be replaced with a Memory of a Past Life and must be restored at a Dark Sanitarium or Euphoria Asylum. Items that lack quality values (except Grenades) cannot be destroyed with this skill.

If the attack hits a Grenade, it will explode and cause damage to the target just as if they had pulled the pin on it. Be careful as the explosion will also hurt the attacker! One tactic is to give the target a grenade, then deliver a weapon-breaking attack for massive damage.

The probability of hitting any particular weapon in a target's inventory is proportional to the weapon's weight. That is, a weapon with a weight of 6 is twice as likely to be hit by the effect of this skill as a weapon with a weight of 3.

The effects of this skill are in addition to the damage dealt normally by the attack.

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