Wandering Monsters

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Wandering Monsters are entities functionally similar to Pets that spawn independently in Elysium and Stygia. They have no master, but will generally act in the interests of the forces that rule their planes or portions of their planes. Wandering monsters will move from tile to tile roughly once per minute, and do not consume Action Points doing so - unlike player-summoned Pets.


Wandering Monsters in Elysium include:

Aethersprites and Ivory Guardians are always considered Aggressive to Evil characters, but will target no one else. They behave as if commanded by a master who does not possess Hand of Zealotry or related skills. They are considered to have Good Morality.

Undines in Absolution are Unaligned megafauna, not Angelic beings, and will behave as Defensive pets unless provoked. They are considered to have Neutral morality and attacking them will not alter the morality of player characters.


Wandering Monsters in Stygia include:

Feral Imps and Hellhounds are always considered Aggressive and will attack targets freely. However, they will not attack the following enemies unprovoked:

  1. factionless Demons
  2. members of an Evil faction with a stronghold currently standing in Stygia
  3. members of the Legions of the Abyss

Wraiths in the Death Cascade are loyal only to Haldos and have no pretense of allegiance to the plane of Stygia. They will attack anything and everything that is not another Wraith.

All wandering monsters in Stygia are, unsurprisingly, considered to have Evil Morality.

Manipulating Wandering Monsters

Purchases of certain Upgrades by Factions will substantially increase the number of Wandering Monsters roaming the Outer Planes. Soul Creches maintained by Good factions will generate more Aethersprites and Infernal Hatcheries maintained by Evil factions will generate more Feral Hellhounds and Imps. As long as factions continue to pay the upkeep of these upgrades, these bonuses will apply even if the purchasing factions' Strongholds are not on the affected plane, or even if their strongholds are destroyed by raiders.