Void Walker

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Void Walker
Tier: 3
Morality: Evil
Entrance: Pariah



The curse on a Pariah is a powerful one, and where there is power there is a source of power. Some Pariahs discover how to become the master of their curse. They twist it around, distorting it until it is taken nearly to the breaking point. Those who succeed have nearly taken themselves out of existence, and become only a shadow of their former selves. Such Pariahs have earned the title of Void Walker. Angelic scholars are quick to point out that there is no hard evidence aside from witness testimony that Void Walkers actually exist. A Void Walker leaves no footprints, causes no ripples in the water, and defies any and all attempt to record or capture them. This has led some scholars to speculate that a Void Walker has surpassed existence as we know it, and what we see is merely a projection of them on a level we can understand. Most Angelic scholars dismiss this as impossible, stating that demons are simply not capable of such things.

Skill Summary

Skill Name Short Description
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Requirements Cost
Assassins Edge Character gains +10% to-hit with all attacks. - 30 - -
Assassins Cruelty Void Walker deals +3 damage bonus with Firearms and Hand-to-Hand attacks Assassins Edge 60 - -
Precision of the Assassin Void Walker with Firearms or Hand-to-Hand attacks is able to shoot around victims' armor, treating their soak as 0. Assassins Edge 60 - -
Elite Attack Passive. Increases damage of non-spell attacks by 2. - 30 - -
Infinite Attack Passive. Character gains 3 points of damage on all non-spell attacks Elite Attack 60 - -
Enhanced Senses Passive. Automatically detects hidden characters. - 30 - -
Invisibility Character can turn invisible. - 30 -1 -12
Greater Invisibility Reduces for to 8MP and AP tick to 2MP Invisibility 60 - -
Stepping of the Corner When inside, Void Walker is able to step directly into adjacent building interiors. Void walker may also step on water and void tiles. - - - -
Ether Stepping Character's movement cost is halved. Stepping of the Corner 60 - -
Stepping of the World Gate Portals no longer cost MP to pass through. For 1AP and 10MP, Void Walker is able to randomly step from one plane to another Stepping of the Corner 60 - -
    ↳Stepping of the Stone Teleports the Void Walker to a Stone of his choice. Stepping of the World Gate 90 -1 -