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The void is an outside location. It is normally impassable to those without greater or lesser flight. Void Walkers with Ether Stepping and Divine Heralds with Feet of the Wind can likewise pass through the void, and are furthermore capable of staying indefinitely on a void tile, although they will not regenerate action points and may become stranded.

Void is commonly seen in the planes of Purgatorio as well as the Deadlands of Nifleheim, home plane of the Elder Power Hashaa. In the current cosmology, the only accessible Void Tile was the Pit of Azazel that can be found in the Sanguinis Diabolus region of Stygia. BUT PURGATORIO IS BACK BABY VOID EVERYWHERE WOOOOO

You are standing outside of The Pit of Azazel. There is an empty nothingness surrounding you. The sky overhead is pitch black. The only light here seems to emanate in a flickering manner from hellish firepits dotting the area.
Void tiles have only an outside location.

Void Between the Planes

Ingame Flavor Text
You have died. Your spirit is floating in the void amongst the planes.

The Void between the planes is where many souls end up when their aspect dies. They may float there until willed into a new body.