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| Aurora Storm || [[Arctic Bolt]]
| Aurora Storm || [[Arctic Bolt]]
| Blood Knowledge || [[Cloudburst]]

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Follow link to original Spell to see the description.

These spell names are current in Breath 4.

Variant Name
Original Spell
Animated Shadows Arctic Bolt
Armor Breaking Dart Acid Dart
Aurora Blast Glacierblast
Aurora Ray Ice Dart
Aurora Storm Arctic Bolt
Blood Knowledge Cloudburst
The Blue Ray of Prismato Glacierblast
BUNNY LOVE Bilious Purge
cracked teapot Ice Dart
Curse of Blexx Bilious Purge
Crushing Hand Force Bolt
a cup of strong sugary tea Noxious Globule
A cup of weak tea Corrosive Glance
The Curse of Crispan Vald Acid Dart
The Curse of Papa RabAttAn Noxious Globule
Dance of Agony Battering Ram
Dance of Brutality Force Bolt
Dance of Disdain Stone Dart
Dance of Insanity Force Focus
Dance of Misery Rain of Stones
Dance of the Mad Stonefury
Demonology Thunderstrike
Dr. Cleavers Nerve Burn Virus Ice Dart
Dr. Cleavers Plague Pox Virus Arctic Bolt
Dr. Cleavers Purple Brain Fever Ice Strike
Dr. Cleavers Red Plague Virus Frostbite
Dr. Cleavers X1 Virus Ice Strike
Dust Curse Corrosive Glance
Embrace of Elizabeth Thanatoid Gaze
Greater Ward vs. Evil Glyph of Pain vs Evil
The Green Ray of Prismato Bilious Purge
Hasheen Cosmic Balance Thanatoid Gaze
Hasheen Entropic Balance Lifesnuff
Hasheen Euthanasia Necrotic Ray
Hasheen Memento Mori Death Dart
Horrible Breath Stone Dart
Holy Diver Necrotic Ray
Hysterical Maniac Stone Dart
the Kiss of Annie Baker Arctic Bolt
Meteo Force Focus
Meteor Force Focus
Minor Globe of Invulnerability Mystic Shield
Minor Ward of Pain vs. Evil Glyph of Pain vs Evil
Nirvanyos the Arcanes Gaiawrath Force Focus
The Orange Ray of Prismato Force Focus
Purple Brain Fever Virus Ice Strike
The Red Ray of Prismato Sunflare
Ride the Lightning Thunderstrike
Scott Sterlings Deflected PK Force Focus
Shooting Star Rain of Stones
Snowball Glacierblast
Spatial Rift Stone Dart
Straightjacketed Lunatics Force Bolt
Sterlings Soccerball Stone Dart
Stoneskin Mystic Shield
Such a Lust for Revenge Battering Ram
Tapetum lucidum Sharp Vision
Tickle Death Dart
Torment Sunflare
True Seeing Reveal
The Violet Ray of Prismato Thanatoid Gaze
Virus X1 Ice Strike
Wall of Metal Battering Ram
The Yellow Ray of Prismato Thunderstrike