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Dec 31st

XP total 0.

Jan 03rd

XP total 200. Level 3. Grabbed the 10 CP bonus for drinking 500 bottles of booze before finally escaping The Pit. As in previous Breaths this character represents a challenge. The eventual Breath 2 incarnation as Void Walker was enjoyable and conceptually fitting. Must study the Breath 3 Changelog to see if the Redeemed has been provided with a useful skillset this time around.

Jan 05th

- Tillinghast has earned the Masticator badge! (2012-01-05 16:01:15).

- It is here that the great philanthropist Smith Robertson made his home.

You have earned the Common Touch Exploration Badge! Earning this badge has granted you one Character Point! (2012-01-05 16:02:36).

XP total 305. Out and about searching for clothing and tinkering with power grids. 11 CP bonus is nice.

Jan 06th

- You have earned the Master of Death badge! Earning this badge has caused you to gain 10 Character Points! (2012-01-06 15:36:41).

XP total 378. On an impulse decided to have Tillinghast work to the Hand-to-Hand Combat tree, claiming a 10 CP bonus for 500 kills in the process. This will be appropriate if the character ends up as a Void Walker or a Doom Howler (as in Breaths 2 and 1 respectively) or as a Redeemed. Must investigate if the latter has yet been given a worthwhile skillset.

Jan 14th

XP total 882. Level 6. Spent much of the last week searching for themed clothing with occasional violent outbursts as befitting an insane genius. Still looking for a Pair of Brown Leather Shoes and a Pair of Wraparound Sunglasses.

Jan 24th

- You have earned the Circuitmaker badge! Earning this badge has caused you to gain 10 Character Points! (2012-01-24 03:45:19).

XP total 1516. Level 8. Tillinghast is progressing slowly and steadily towards T2 status. Having kept his MO well above 20 he again has the option of Ascending. Buffeted by trips to the Void, he has been exploring and searching; his themed gear is complete apart from the sunglasses.

Jan 30th

XP total 2105. Level 10 and Tillinghast is still at +40 MO, a fact which has surprised quite a few Good-aligned attackers who recall him from prior Breaths. It has not been a conscious effort, or particularly onerous, to make Tillinghast so pure of heart. It has been more difficult to find the right sunglasses; a trade eventually took care of that problem. T2 class choice will be deferred for a while yet even though he has 70 CP in hand.

Feb 07th

- You have earned the Degenerate badge! Earning this badge has caused you to gain 15 Character Points! (2012-02-03 03:33:47).

XP total 2828. Level 11. Upon reflection decided that, yet again, the Ascended classes did not offer anything suitable for a wandering character of this type. Ironic given that Tillinghast was unable to find anything other than evil targets until a couple of days ago when he was on the verge of level 11. Dedicated power grid sabotage and a lucky encounter with a heavily-armoured angel brought him to -20 MO. His Descent was immediate and took good advantage of the whopping 85 CP in hand. This outcome could have been significantly different if the game admins had not concealed the knowledge (leaked today) that summoned critters would be made available for the T3 Holy Champion class; that class would have been a suitable Hand-to-Hand Combat option for Tillinghast's redemption. The us-and-them drip feed of knowledge is extremely frustrating as (1) it is not possible to undo significant character decisions such as Descent / Ascent at T2 and (2) the select few get the benefit of foreknowledge and thus an advantage over others. So much for a level playing field.

Feb 12th

XP total 3430. Level 13. Having obtained Blood Taste Tillinghast has become much more dangerous and demonic. He has prevailed in multiple live combats in the past week and is now quite capable of gorging on the pineal glands of two victims per session if he can find targets early enough in his AP cycle. Obtaining Advanced Hide recently should allow him to stalk a given vicinity. Humans are such easy prey.

Feb 20th

XP total 4496. Level 15. A very busy week of crazed murder and brains alfresco. The occasional session passed with no victims but in general Tillinghast has gorged well on humans from all walks of life. As noted in previous Breaths, being feral and not requiring consumable resources (e.g. ammo) makes for carefree gameplay. In all probability those hunters who have killed Tillinghast so frequently are also happy to find a character operating outwith SH fortifications and wards. As yet there is no compelling reason to have Tillinghast join a faction.

Feb 28th

XP total 5305. Level 16 has brought a nasty reduction in XP awards. It may be more prudent to sabotage power grids for XP rather than have Tillinghast happily consume the pineals of those lower level characters he finds. Prudence isn't much fun though.

Mar 04th

- You have joined the Opal Syndicate! (2012-03-01 04:15:39).

XP total 6010. Level 17. With the opening of the new planes Tillinghast has become a travelling gourmand. The quality of the brains that may be found in out of the way places is quite amazing.

May 08th

XP total 14910. Level 28. Two months can make a huge difference to a character. In terms of raw advancement Tillinghast (a Hand to Hand Void Walker) overtook Quarrel (a Firearms Void Walker) about a fortnight ago. And all whilst being played as feral with Greater Invisibility as a skill priority. This speaks volumes for the problems faced by Firearms users and the huge benefits of Adamant Kinship. Admittedly he enjoys Blood Claws typed damage and self-healing with Blood Taste but even so the character is about as tough as wet toilet paper and falls over at the slightest touch. Checks and balances. With the amendment to Holy / Unholy / Arcane attacks vs wards Tillinghast slowed down a little and (temporarily) joined the Pirates of R'lyeh to help smash wards and gather components. He has therefore slipped back a little in advancement but concerted effort would again see him out in front.

May 19th

- You have accumulated enough XP to gain a new level! Your new level is now 30! You have gained 30 Character Points. Your new total is 76 CP. You have reached the maximum level 30 and no longer advance in level, though you will continue to accumulate XP. (2012-05-14 19:23:12).

- Tillinghast has maxxed out! (2012-05-14 19:23:11).

XP total 16898. Tillinghast did indeed reach level 30 before Quarrel. He also gained a 10 CP bonus for 50000 damage dealt. The remaining exploration badges (when found) will give enough bonus CP to bring him to 100 CP unspent. Decision; obtain Stepping of the Stone or Assassins Cruelty?

Oct 22nd

- You have earned the Slayer badge! Earning this badge has caused you to gain 5 Character Points! (2012-10-21 17:54:47).

- You have earned the Gravemaker badge! Earning this badge has caused you to gain 15 Character Points! (2012-10-22 04:10:18).

XP total 22299. Opted to spend 30 CP on First Aid and Surgery to assist Maximum Overdrive faction mates and help when attacking petmasters. Grabbed 2 additional Exploration badges, obtained 20 CP bonus for 1000 kills total and 500 kills in the Breath, and spent the accumulated 90 CP on Stepping of the Stone. Tillinghast is complete as a self-sufficient roaming killer and scrounger.

Dec 17th

XP total 29543. Tillinghast continues to dine on brain tissue when the occasion presents itself. Having switched factions that is not very often. By design the Void Walker can have a wide hunting range but the targets must be available. If the targets don't come from raiding (Sanitarium don't raid) then it's back to competing with the masses for free-range brains. Also uncovered a bug with Stepping of the Stone which, to date, is not getting much acknowedgement from devs.

Build Record

Level CP Available CP Gain Skill(s) CP Spent CP Unspent
1 0 10 Search 10 0
2 0 10 - 0 10
3 10 31 500 Alcohol Life, 500 Food Life, Engineering, HTH Combat, Martial Arts 40 1
4 1 20 500 Kills Life 0 21
5 21 10 Advanced Martial Arts 30 1
6 1 11 - 0 12
7 12 14 - 0 26
8 26 20 500 Power restored Life 0 46
9 46 14 Hide 10 50
10 50 35 1000 Power Removed Life, Enervate, Blood Claws, Strong Attack, Combat Mastery 60 25
11 25 20 - 0 45
12 45 20 Blood Taste 40 25
13 25 20 Advanced Hide, Sense Magic, Sense Morality 40 5
14 5 20 Planar Protection 20 5
15 5 20 - 0 25
16 25 20 - 0 45
17 45 20 - 0 65
18 65 20 - 0 85
19 85 20 - 0 105
20 105 40 Stepping of the Corner, Enhanced Senses, Ether Stepping 90 55
21 55 30 - 0 85
22 85 30 Invisibility, Greater Invisibility 90 25
23 25 30 Elite Attack 30 25
24 25 30 - 0 55
25 55 30 Infinite Attack 60 25
26 25 30 - 0 55
27 55 30 Stepping of the World Gate 60 25
28 25 30 Assassin's Edge 30 25
29 25 40 50000 Damage Dealt Life 0 65
30 65 55 1000 Kills Life, 500 Kills Breath, First Aid, Surgery, Stepping of the Stone 120 0