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March 12th

XP total 2608. This character has reached level 11 and purchased Dark Heart which, in combination with Spellcraft and Freezing Hands, now gives a reasonable chance of killing an armoured target using magical Hand-to-Hand Combat. In addition to boosting combat capabilities Dark Heart also facilitates charging of spellgems - low-level characters effectively become MP batteries to be drained as required. This 'technique' seems to offer further possibilities for skills such as Infuse and should be investigated at some point.

March 15th

- You close your eyes for a moment and reach out with your mind to read the pattern of the spellgem in your hand. You trace the lines of the power woven through the gem over and over until you are able to completely comprehend the pattern for yourself. Just as you reach this moment of enlightenment and learn to cast Seeking Hand unaided, the spellgem crumbles to dust in your hand. (2010-03-15 08:57:58).

XP total 2904. Thanks to a lucky find (three victims engaged in a fight to the death) Ludwig has reached the exalted heights of level 12. A judicious spellgem trade means that he now knows the Seeking Hand buff spell. Assuming that he can find victims, he should now be able to deal with them in a more efficient manner.

March 23rd

XP total 3313. Only the occasional hunting foray this week. As expected Seeking Hand has improved combat a great deal. Developed a useful tactic in this regard - cast Seeking Hand before leaving the stronghold and then immediately use Dark Heart on a low-level faction-mate to restore lost MP. Playing an evil Defiler has its fun side.

I spent a lot of time gem hunting and trading this week. It's worth noting that even with slightly improved find rates the process of acquiring your preferred spells is quite painful. In particular aura spells are proving very elusive.

March 25th

XP total 3472. Stuck in Gehenna again thanks to 'the pull of the outer planes'. On the bright side there were a few demons to kill so the character has made level 13.

March 29th

XP total 3941. En route to the Centennial Quarter I found a Tier 3 character sitting out in the open as though he were having a picnic. Educated him about the dangers of selling his soul to the devil. Character has made level 14 and has now obtained the Soul Vampire ability. Stockpiling of, and dealing in, Soul Ice will now commence.

April 02nd

XP total 4445. Character has now made level 15. And Alchemy is now a working feature. The purchase of Alchemy fulfills one of the basic requirements of the character's background. Preliminary experimentation on a Potion of Planar Protection illustrates that demonic alchemists are at a disadvantage compared to their angelic and transcended counterparts - alchemical misfires cause significant damage and demons cannot be healed by others. Spellgem trading has slowed, presumably because other spellcasters are finding more gems. The Frost Charge aura spell continues to prove elusive.

April 09th

XP total 5061. Character made level 16 overnight thanks to an encounter with Darth Vader. Researching with Alchemy is a complete nightmare with around half-a-dozen alchemy-related deaths in the last week. This particular aspect of the game is pretty badly broken for the Defiler class. Whilst Sorceror and Shepherd alchemists are likely being healed by faction mates (gaining XP as a result) Defilers will simply die and end up respawning in Gehenna far from their strongholds. The alternative of searching for FAKs to stay topped up will waste a lot of valuable AP and slow the research process. Either way the Defiler, a support class rather than a combat class, is relegated to the status of also-ran by this researching mechanism.

April 16th

XP total 5711. Character made level 17 today. The last week has been busy. Gameplay has consisted of a failed raid (due to a stacking bug with Tattoo of Adaptation), multiple respawns in Gehenna due to alchemy-related deaths and searching every Damned Library within reach. Damned Libraries yield potions, Unholy Books (10 XP on successful research) and spellgems. The character is now overloaded and I have been forced to throw away unwanted spellgems. New spells have been added to the game so spellgem priorities are now Frost Charge and Reveal.

April 18th

XP total 5809. According to the recent changelog Alchemy has been altered so that is now more user-friendly. Anything has to be better than 82 HP damage on a failed research. Found a Reveal spellgem and subsequently learned that utility spell. Still looking for Frost Charge.

April 24th

XP total 6266. Character has just made level 18. Spent the week gathering Alchemy materials and researching. Earning research XP has helped, as has the occasional victim found when searching for materials. Three recipes are completed (Combat Clarity, Healing and Planar Protection) with others partially done. Some of the potions require exotic ingredients e.g. Vial of Angel's Tears which will make the manufacture of those potions less likely. Looks like the unique recipe system will keep multiple alchemists busy in each faction. According to the Changelog new spells have been added. The new Winter's Edge spell essentially makes Freezing Hands an unwise purchase. Caveat emptor. Still no sign of a Frost Charge spellgem.

April 29th

XP total 6957. Made level 19 overnight thanks to an Infernal Behemoth victim with lots of HP from Stamina. The character now has 88 CP unspent. Two more exploration badges would round out to 90 CP and make transition to Tier 3 an easier prospect. Alchemy is proving to be quite an entertaining skill now and the XP yield is most welcome. Still searching for some of the more elusive spells with, so far, very little success.

May 02nd

XP total 7210. Managed to trade for the location of a fourth Exploration Badge. Character now has a full 90 CP at level 19 and could therefore purchase the entire Thrown Weapons skillset as a precursor for descending to acid spitting Wyrm Master status. Decision time soon.

May 08th

XP total 7549. The last week has involved steady work on alchemical recipes. Component-collecting trips have provided the occasional victim, mainly other alchemists; who would have thought alchemy to be such a dangerous Tier 2 career choice? At time of writing the character is approx 50 XP from level 20 and Tier 3. However with 60 CP still unspent there is still a decision to be made as to final career exit. Originally conceived as a Wyrm Master, the Corruptor also looks attractive.

Wyrm Master

May 11th

XP total 7667. Descended to Wyrm Master on reaching level 20 and obtained the Twisted Leap movement skill. It is an odd skill because you don't pass through intervening tiles and potentially miss out on targets within lit buildings. Prior to descending I spent the spare 60 CP on Thrown Weapons skills in preparation for the eventual use of Acid Spittle attacks. Also found myself forced into purchasing Strength due to lack of storage space for Alchemy components. This will leave an odd 20 CP which should probably be spent rounding out other abilities e.g. Hide to mesh with Translucency. The Sharp Vision spell might also be worthwhile for improving accuracy of ranged attacks. I'll bank CP for now and wait to see what abilities, if any, become necessary as the character progresses through Tier 3. That approach has worked so far.

May 20th

XP total 8252. Alchemy research continues apace. Summoned creatures have now been implemented. Currently the character lacks sufficient CP to obtain an entry-level summoning ability. The creature mechanics are likely to be buggy for a while so there's still time to get the CP and skills and help out with the debugging. This character is proving very instructive when it comes to the Dos and Donts of spending CP and, in another Breath, I think it unlikely that I'd repeat some of these CP spends. I suspect that I am not alone in this. Nevertheless by only taking what I need I have a workable (if somewhat unique) character.

May 20th

XP total 8343. Just made level 21 and purchased the Summon Horrid Tentacle ability. The character didn't survive long in the Great Ziggurat of Death but it seems that tentacles are operational on a basic level and quite capable of killing an unarmoured target.

May 24th

XP total 8536. Moved up to Elysium to hunt for alchemy components. Purchased the Hide skill in the hope, possibly vain, of lasting a little longer in these circumstances.

May 31st

XP total 9376. Busy week. Lasted 3 days in Elysium before coming home and managed to gather enough ingredients to brew 2 batches. Spent the rest of the week in Gehenna fighting in the Great Ziggurat. Game implementation of tentacles (and other summoned critters) is still buggy and they work only in defence. By some miracle manged enough kills to reach level 22. So that leaves 500 (ish) XP before level 23 and the first option on summoned critters.

Jun 03rd

XP total 9652. Great Cthulhu has answered the pleading of his minions! Summoned critters are now capable of attacking independently and will act when their summoner attacks. This makes a big difference to the character's kill chances against higher-level characters. I have to work out how to stop them from killing so that the character gets full XP bonus rather than half XP bonus. And then they need a means of rejuvenation. And factional bonuses to be applied to critters. Satisfied? Not until the stars are right and the Worlds are destroyed!!

Jun 05th

XP total 9902. More battles in the Great Ziggurat have seen the character reach level 23. As he now has the Favour of GNak the next few days will see experiments with upgraded tentacles. Hopefully this will make them much more lethal. The choice of either improved tentacles or the Summon Wrackwyrm ability was not easy. Time will tell.

Jun 07th

XP total 10042. Seems as though Favour of GNak was a wise purchase. Snuffed three people in one location with a judicious bit of summoning. Uncovered a message bug by sticking a pair of tentacles on top of the Gehenna portal and then retreating to remotely observe the action. Also lasted an inordinate amount of time in the Great Ziggurat thanks to tentacular protection. Feels like the choice of Defiler class may just be starting to pay dividends.

Jun 11th

XP total 10297. The last few days have seen a mix of book research, alchemical research and stealing mana from victims to charge spellgems. Also used static tentacles to surprise and harass a few groups of people by proxy. Hope they appreciate the gesture. Bugwise, tentacles have developed an annoying tendency to die immediately upon contact with damage auras. Hope this bug is resolved soon. Happily the incorrect messages from tentacles regards damage, attackers and suchlike are also being corrected as part of the maintenance cycle.

Jun 17th

XP total 10918. Level 24 has come and gone. Further experiments with tentacles have revealed a bug with their ability to switch between primary and secondary damage types. When attacking a Nexus Champion bearing the Tattoo of Adaptation the tentacles will automatically switch to secondary damage but will not switch back to primary damage. Changing their stance to Passive is the only workaround for resetting the damage type. In recent combats learned an intriguing fact about status ticks i.e. any effect with a status tick duration (e.g. Seeking Hand) will be reduced by an additional 1 tick by an Advanced Parry riposte. This is important enough to require a change of tactics when attacking someone capable of riposting. Note also for future character design.

Jun 19th

XP total 11026. Scrounging ingredients, running alchemy experiments and charging gems. Might need to shake things up with this character. Perhaps a short vacation in Elysium?

Jun 21st

XP total 11230. Completed all the standard alchemy recipes. Now need to find the Easter Egg recipe for a Potion of Dimensional Surety. Requested a few ingredients for potions from faction mates and received seven(!) hand grenades in response. Gotta love Sanitarium! If we were actually doing any raiding this would be wonderful. Road trip time. Somewhere out there is a large group of unsuspecting people who need a fireworks display... with tentacles.

Jun 22nd

- Generic Japanese Schoolgirl attacked your pet, Horrid Tentacle, and hit for 5 points of slashing damage. (2010-06-22 19:22:31).

- Your pet, Horrid Tentacle, attacked Generic Japanese Schoolgirl and hit for 5 points of acid damage. You gain 1 experience points! His armor soaked 3 points of damage. This was enough to kill them! You gain an additional 3 experience points! (2010-06-22 19:22:31).

XP total 11301. Found a Vault of Enlightenment with three people inside. Lobbed in a few grenades and noted someone hiding. Cast Reveal to find two hidden targets. Lobbed more grenades, summoned two tentacles and sapped life energy to power gems and Freezing Hand attacks. Three died, one fled and the other is keeping two tentacles company overnight. Not much XP but plenty of chuckles. The place should be renamed the Unspeakable Vault of Doom!

Jun 25th

XP total 11376. Game mechanics for tentacles and other critters have been improved for the better. They can now be dismissed, rejuvenated and named. This makes a big difference to gameplay options. Brewing more potions for the faction and struggling to find some of the ingredients e.g. nightshade and lilies. Rather than flowers I found lots of Tier 1 characters in the local park so I gave them with the Very Hungry Caterpillar as a playmate.

Jun 27th

XP total 11677. Killed in an overnight raid and respawned in Gehenna. Mugged a foolish demon who was sitting out in the open. Having advanced to level 24 the time is right to work on those acid spitting abilities.

Jun 30th

XP total 11763. Elysium is fertile ground for tentacles. Acid Blood earned its first kill overnight. Link will need some of Zelda's magic to recover from that particular shock.

Jul 03rd

- You have gazed upon the first building erected in Gehenna, constructed to the memory of the Great Overthrowing as the demonic hordes took Gehenna as their home. You have earned the Shrine of the Wound Exploration Badge! Earning this badge has granted you one Character Point! (2010-07-03 11:04:26).

XP total 11894. More fun with tentacles. Might need to take hunting more seriously as levelling has slowed.

Jul 05th

XP total 12132. Sparring in the Great Ziggurat has been a bit of an eye-opener. Two or three tentacles add a fair bit of smack and give a slightly better chance of survival. Even though his advancement lags behind the combat characters the Wyrm Master is beginning to flesh out nicely.

Jul 07th

XP total 12132. After much searching Ludwig has found no victims and two more Exploration Badges in Gehenna.

Jul 13th

XP total 12510. Back from a week in Elysium tormenting the angels. Tentacles have dined well in the various Vaults. Hit level 26 (after what seems like an eternity) and purchased Acid Spittle. The half XP award for attacks and kills made by critters does slow things down. Found additional bug with tentacles not responding to attacks on the character. Need to take time to assess the true utility of summoned critters.

Jul 15th

- You attack Fahreen with Acid Spittle and hit for 18 points of acid damage. You gain 18 XP. This was enough to kill them! You gain an additional 24 Experience Points! (2010-07-15 08:44:48).

XP total 12608. Today saw the first kill made using Acid Spittle attacks. It seems to be quite efficient in terms of MP used vs damage inflicted.

Jul 17th

XP total 12826. Recent return visit to Elysium produced a number of dead angels. Tentacles, Acid Spittle and Dark Heart can make short work of a roomful of people if MP is managed correctly.

Jul 21st

XP total 13212. Three days unsuccessfully scrounging for a Sprig of Nightshade was frustrating. Entertainment came in the form of a level 30 Infernal Behemoth looking for a soft target in real time combat. Killed him in 5 APs (1 AP to cast Sharp Vision, 4 AP to spit four times). He was not happy, raiding the Sanitarium SH looking for revenge. Fun times.

Jul 22nd

- You have earned the Bibliophile badge! Earning this badge has allowed you to gain 10 Character Points! (2010-07-22 06:45:16).

XP total 13217. Achievement badges have been implemented and the character now has an extra 10 CP from reading 500+ books. The 10 CP is burning a hole in my virtual pocket - Mystic Shield and Frost Charge look like the most likely candidates.

Jul 26th

XP total 13485. After a week of alchemy it was time to cut loose. Left 7 tentacles in the stronghold and they helped defend against an overnight attack. In Elysium the new pastime of spitting on angels proved hugely entertaining, right up until the AP miscalculation. Back to Gehenna, leveled up, looking for trouble.

Jul 30th

XP total 13869. Elysium proved to be a good idea, at least for a while, yielding enough kills to reach level 27. Took a detour to find all the remaining Exploration Badges and spent the 16 CP bonus on spells, both Mystic Shield and Frost Charge. Sadly it looks as though the Sanitarium faction is dying; the stronghold has been down for 2 days.

Aug 03rd

XP total 14094. Ran out of Potions of Planar Protection during the last trip to Paradise. Took 2 days to find components and craft more. All Alchemy work and no play makes Ludwig a grumpy Wyrm Master. Puking bile on angels makes Ludwig a happy Wyrm Master. Holidays in Elysium soon. In other news it seems as though Aura Spells have been changed and their duration may now be stacked. Memo to self - test this soon.

Aug 07th

You have earned the Ruiner badge! (2010-08-07 09:18:33).

XP total 14756. Spent the last day or so playing cat and mouse (tentacle and fell beast?) with the Jabberwock - in Elysium of all places! Even though Jabberwock is racking up the tentacle kills it's been a fun few days. Beamish! Also had a heated debate on alchemy with the Comte de Saint-Germain which ended with him being eaten alive by tentacles. Uffish! Busy times, the character managed a little gem trading on the side, made level 28 today and earned the Ruiner badge for 50 angels killed. Unsure as to where to spend the accumulated 60 CP. The character really should obtain the Summon Wrackwyrm ability as it fits right into the character concept. Translucency also looks useful but as the list of Wyrm Master abilities is not yet complete the CP will be banked for now.

Aug 13th

XP total 14974. A week of experimentation. Over the course of two days the character managed to summon nine Tentacles in one location. It was quite an intriguing exercise in target hunting and MP sapping. Recent changelog notes the alterations to the attack mechanisms for summoned critters, making gigantic hordes less efficient. This probably won't affect the character too much as he rarely has a large group of creatures extant. However the mechanics are not entirely clear as to whether the changes based around numbers in location, numbers vs one target, or something else. Logically it would be easier to code for a single location. However that would penalise those who might have some creatures set on Defensive stance whilst other creatures are Aggressive. Might need to ask for clarification and suggest changes, but only after some experimenting.

Aug 18th

XP total 15272. Ludwig has been fulfilling his role as demonic arms dealer whilst searching up more gems and books (and now has both the new Conjure Sinews and Shadow Wrap gems). Considering the sheer number of trades done by this character, it seems to be an important role for getting players started. Ludwig is closing in on level 29 and will soon have 90 CP banked. This would be a good time to have additional Wyrm Master abilities from which to choose. Added comments on critter-handling to the discussion forum topic and attempted to outline how this might/should work. People seem to forget that the game is a coding work in progress and does need some forward planning.

Aug 21st

XP total 15430. Slow and steady. Reached level 29 and now have 90 CP banked. Still grabbing gems and books. Experimentation indicates that maintaining Frost Charge as a defensive spell is prohibitively expensive in terms of MP costs. Maintaining Mystic Shield is a more realistic task. Also discovered that Acid Spittle (and other innate attacks) have been broken by recent coding and cannot be used at all. Not a good time to be hunting.

Sep 02nd

- You have accumulated enough XP to gain a new level! Your new level is now 30! You have gained 30 Character Points. Your new total is 120 CP. You have reached the maximum level 30 and no longer advance in level, though you will continue to accumulate XP. (2010-09-02 19:45:49).

XP total 16418. Yet another character makes it to level 30 with 120 CP banked. Pattern recognition? Levelling has been achieved mainly via bookreading with only an occasional murder by Spellcraft as a diversion; the interface is still broken and Acid Spittle is still non-functional.

Sep 14th

XP total 17452. New update, new interface, old problems. Bugs affecting the character are (1) Acid Spittle is still broken, (2) Buffing Spells such as Seeking Hand cannot be triggered from Spellgems. Having retired from Sanitarium the character is out hunting as a member of the default Legion of the Abyss faction. It's good to have challenges in life.

Sep 17th

- You have earned the Teachers Pet badge! Earning this badge has allowed you to gain 15 Character Points! (2010-09-17 07:40:11).

XP total 17673. Having now read 1000 books the character has a whopping 135 CP unspent. Some thinking outside the box seems in order.

Sep 28th

XP total 18133. Took the character's Defiler role to heart and spent a week or so running around Elysium summoning Tentacles of Gnak to bedevil the angelic population. Racked up a few kills but, most noticeably, lacked the means to easily identify potential victims cowering in hiding. It may be possible to use a summoned Wrackwyrm or Hellhound for this task. Would such a summoning ability be CP well spent?

Oct 06th

XP total 18833. Character remains in Limbo due to lack of factional goals. Therefore an achievable goal (eating towards the first Food Eaten badge) has been set as a short-term personal. Surprisingly you often have to murder people on the way to the local corner store. Now that Acid Spittle is functional, impromptu streetfighting is not only viable but fun too.

Oct 15th

XP total 19150. Even a simple goal like Food Eaten can present problems for a demon (or angel). Food is best scrounged during daylight inside lit Supermarkets and Corner Stores. However daylight doesn't help when hiding. And there are no equivalent locations in either Gehenna or Elysium.

Oct 27th

XP total 19398. The character has practically retired from opportunistic murder to pursue a career as a restaurant critic. Aside from spitting on the occasional passerby he has been busy eating until he bursts. The 'grinding' gameplay aspect is not particularly thrilling and it is difficult to stay focussed. The character is also still sitting on 135 CP with no sign yet of additional abilities to complete the Wyrm Master class. Development has slowed and player numbers are down; the life of this feral character has become somewhat boring.

Nov 09th

XP total 19859. To relieve the boredom Ludwig took to haunting Elysium and spreading tentacular madness. Scored a fair number of kills and only stopped to return to Prime Plane (where the character promptly died at the hands of a hunter). As the End is forthcoming, decided to spend 30 CP on Translucency to aid in hiding and dodging. 105 CP left unspent. Decisions, decisions.

Nov 23rd

XP total 20457. Elysium was definitely a safer refuge. The character managed to keep eight Tentacles in play for over a week, surviving a fair number of angelic assaults. Naturally upon his return to Gehenna to search for alchemy ingredients he died very quickly. There is no honour amongst demons.

Nov 25th

XP total 20555. Given the rise of the Towers, which event presumably presages the final battle, Ludwig finally spent 90 CP on Summon Hellhound and Master of the Pack. In the last two sessions the Hellhounds have proven very useful; whilst moving around Elysium they attacked and killed four targets who would otherwise have remained hidden and unmolested. Conclusion? Imps or Hellhounds should be considered essential for a hunting Wyrm Master.

Nov 30th

XP total 20753. The character gained 5 CP reward for participating in the successful raid on the The Heavenly Host. The resultant total of 20 CP was spent on Advanced Hide on the premise that this ability is more likely to be fun and useful compared to, say, Stamina or Dodge. Sadly, many heavily-armoured targets against whom the extra damage from hiding would be useful (e.g. Seraphs) possess Enhanced Senses and are effectively immune to attacks from hiding.

Dec 19th

XP total 21261. A sedate few weeks have seen the character hunting with Hellhounds and experimenting with attacks from hiding. The mobile critters have definitely improved gameplay for this character.

Dec 31st

Stats at the end of the Breath as follows:

Alcohol Drunk 	0 	72
Angels Killed 	0 	82
Books Read 	0 	1041
Damage Dealt 	0 	11923
Damage Taken 	0 	9333
Deaths 		0 	119
Demons Killed 	0 	93
Doors Destroyed	0	26
Doors Repaired 	0 	0
Food Eaten 	0 	308
HP Healed 	0 	110
Items Crafted 	0 	0
Items Repaired 	0 	0
Kills 		0 	328
Locks Picked 	0 	0
Pets Killed 	0 	1
Pills Taken 	0 	22
Power Removed 	0 	0
Power Restored 	0 	0
Targets Shot 	0 	30

Build Record

Level CP Available CP Gain Skill(s) CP Spent CP Unspent
1 0 10 Search 10 0
2 0 10 HTH Combat 10 0
3 0 10 - 0 10
4 10 10 Martial Arts 20 0
5 0 10 - 0 10
6 10 10 - 0 20
7 20 10 Advanced Martial Arts 30 0
8 0 10 Sense Magic 0 0
9 0 10 - 0 10
10 10 20 Spellcraft, Freezing Hands 27 3
11 3 21 Dark Heart 20 4
12 4 21 Seeking Hand 10 15
13 15 20 - 0 35
14 35 20 Soul Vampire 40 15
15 15 20 Alchemy 20 15
16 15 20 - 0 35
17 35 20 Reveal 7 48
18 48 20 - 0 68
19 68 22 Ranged Combat, Thrown Weapons, Advanced Thrown Weapons 60 30
20 30 30 Twisted Leap, Strength, Sharp Vision 50 10
21 10 30 Summon Horrid Tentacle, Hide 40 0
22 0 30 - 0 30
23 30 30 Favour of GNak 60 0
24 0 30 - 0 30
25 30 33 Acid Blood 30 33
26 33 40 Acid Spittle 60 13
27 13 33 Mystic Shield, Frost Charge 16 30
28 30 30 - 0 60
29 60 30 - 0 90
30 95 45 Translucency, Summon Hellhound, Master of the Pack, Advanced Hide 140 0