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Skullface-big.jpg Surprise! you're dead!

Ha ha! open your eyes

See the world as it used to be when you used to be in it

When you were alive and when you were in love

And when I took it from you!


Build Diary







Skull Face was once a peaceful, noble savage from Wiksik who spent his days in idle tranquil. His biggest headache was ensuring a steady supply of the sacred weed for his pipe. Then the outsiders arrived, tramping across the mystic island of Shartak leaving devastation in their wake. Skull Face set aside his pipe and sacred weed. He consumed large quantities of mushrooms and sought guidance from the ancestors. The ancestors told him what he had to do. Skull Face painted his face for war and took up his weapons.

And so it came to pass that the sea rose and drowned the villages of Shartak. The islanders retreated to the caverns within the sacred mountain. Some fell prey to the cannibals that lived in the caverns. Others died when the earth shook and the caverns collapsed. A few managed to make their way back to the surface world. And when they stood once more in the daylight they found that the world had changed. The Powers had brought them to the Nexus.


Skull Face is a Wicksick Headhunter, a term applied to those who follow the ancient philosophy and art of headhunting. When relaxing he enjoys composing dub melodies, fishing for giant squid, consuming mind-blowing hallucinogens and boasting about his exploits in the long hut with his fellow headhunters.