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SCP Director

I am a two year member of Nexus Clash, and I have been here since Apr 23, 2016. I have three characters.

Active Characters

I have 3 active characters

Big Mac Male: Eternal Soldier, The Creator of The SCP Foundation. His name is a play on Little Mac, due to his skill in unarmed. In-Game Description: Due to certain circumstances, he, along with a minority of the SCP Foundation, are trapped in the Nexus until they find a way (probably an SCP) back to Earth to continue researching SCPs and the teleporter that brought them here.

Dr Steiner Male: Wizard, in the Foundation. Name is just something I thought of one day. In-Game Description: A man who is .... maybe a doctor, he has a seemingly permanent frown on his face and only wants "to be done with this Goros-damned plane." He has to have a patch on his coat that says "Urban Dead Player and Proud."

Pink Guy Male: Mortal, prospective Conduit. Going to be a member of Sect of Mavel. He's just Filthy Frank's character, Pink Guy. In-Game Description: A man walks up to you and says, "Ey boss, can I habe de pusi pls?"

Released Characters

Xerion Male: Myrmidon, soon to be Revenant, member of The Maevalent Order of Barhah. His name is the name of a planet I made in one universe of the game Planetarion. In-Game Description: He is a man with vaguely cat-like features and a jumpsuit that has a generic life-sustaining planet on the back that says in barely legible writing "Ruler of The Cathaarians of Planet Xerion."