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Back in NW, I created Davington fairly late in the game and joined the small odd faction Mickey Mouse Whore House. Davington was an odd little mortal/pariah. He enjoyed singing, and climbing things to take naps on. He even enjoyed building lean-to's out of a miniskirt and a rifle to take his naps in. The odd part of this is that he actually kept the miniskirt and rifle in his inventory, just for the sake of authenticity. At some point in T2 he started eating doors for fun. He even went on a few solo raids that got raided by Eugene, damn him.

Here is my story so far in the BobWar..... Davington started off in Sanitarium with his odd behavior and door eating. At some point in early to mid T2 he decided to venture off on his own to start his Mickey Mouse Whore House faction once again. Up until now he spent most of his time searching for Unholy books and eating his SH door. He has been raided a few times and even went on a raid of his, which oddly enough was raided, resulting in a hilarious tick battle inside the SH he was raiding. Needless to say, he died at the hand of the third party solo raid raider.

As far as his build is concerned, I think right now he is headed toward Void Walker, and is currently rocking out at level 17. I wanted to go for VW because I always wanted a VW, mostly because of the awesomeness that is the symbol/picture/avatar for the old NW Void Walker.

Davington has been retired for the time being, Wowbagger has taken his place instead.

Well, the Wowbagger concept was amazing and I had a total blast with it, Redeemed is now one of my favorite classes in the game! But per the changes in faction and game approach, Wowbagger has been shelved and Davington is fresh out of retirement!

The Story So Far

Wowbagger came along because I had Davington grinding power enable and he ended up with max positive MO. After a while I started rethinking my planned build, after lots of thought I settled on my Pariah exit being Redeemed. But being a Redeemed doesn't really fit well with Davington's character, so I retired him and brought in Wowbagger The Infinitely Prolonged. The goal is to insult everyone, it's supposed to be alphabetic, but I think I'll do it numerically by character ID. This is probably not really possible, but I will just try to do my best, and sorry Bob, you're at the beginning of the list, it's definitely not personal.

Skills So Far

Breath 1

  • Hand-to-Hand Combat - Started with HtH, for use with his eventual blood claws.
  • Martial Arts - Part of the tree!
  • Advanced Martial Arts - Same as above
  • Engineering - Gotta fix the door that I've eaten somehow.
  • Boxing - More pain for the victims!
  • Blood Claws - YES!
  • Strong Attack - More pain for the pain god!
  • Hellfire - Fun stuff here.
  • Structural Engineering - I figured some fortifications for the MMWH SH would be nice.
  • Weapon Mastery - Got this one specially for Destructive Blow.
  • Destructive Blow - Helps improve door eating productivity.
  • Hide - was going to get Search for some reason, but thought that this would be better.
  • Invisibility - Should help my newly feral ass out a bit.
  • Stepping of the Corner - I want Ether Stepping damn it!
  • Ether Stepping - 1/2 movement cost is very, very useful!
  • Greater Invisibility - Hell yes! one more step towards near unlimited invisibility, and wonderful troublemaking fun!
  • Master Invisibility - I might never die again! :D

Breath 3.5

  • Engineering - Gotta fix the doors before I can kill and eat them up!
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat - Oh baby, killing powers have increased!
  • Martial Arts - I will prove that one can survive on the nutrients from doors alone!
  • Advanced Martial Arts - Better punching powers.
  • Dodge - Dodge yay!
  • Evasion - More dodge! Yay!
  • Boxing - Sure why not!
  • Planar Protection - QoL skill
  • Sense Morality - Bought at level 20 after becoming Redeemed.
  • Blood Claws - Door killing.
  • Combat Mastery - Better door killing.
  • Enervate - Free skill.
  • Destructive Blow - Intense door killing!
  • Strong Attack - Brutal door killing!
  • Feet of the Wind - Arguably the best movement skill in the game.
  • Mask of the Penitent - Free skill, gain MO when you take damage.
  • Mask of the Martyr - Hehehehe! Steal the demons powers when they hit you, so much fun! Lot's of great in game exchanges because of this one!
  • Elite attack - Better killing, because punching stuff is horrible this late in the game.
  • Mask of Vengeance - Extra damage? Perfect!
  • Fists of Holy Resolve - Oh goodness, 10 extra damage in exchange for 5hp, yes please!
  • Candle of the Soul - I punch stuff and it costs me 3hp, but the stuff can no longer hide or invisible. I wish, wish, wish this was able to be used on wards and forts.
  • Remembrance of Demonhood - Extra damage to demons? Yes please!
  • Wrathful Smite - Oh yeah, the SUPER PUNCH! And sometimes, ULTRA PUNCH!!!
  • Holy Fortitude - More hp means more Candle attacks.
  • Holy Son of Earth - Even more hp! And regeneration! though this is mostly useless as I spend most of my time in the void anyways.
  • Lamp of Clinging Purity - AOE attack that straight up revokes hidden and invisible. Wonderful skill, but no real use since you don't know when to use it.....

- You chose to reset your character. Your character has been returned to the status of a brand new mortal by the Hand of Fate. (2019-09-07 14:44:59).

  • Search - QoL skill to be able to find stuff.
  • Engineering - Gotta be able to gain XP and also adjust MO.

Current Activities


Today I did a little light reading of some Unholy literature, when my brain was full up, I filled my tummy, by eating my door, 4 times.


I chewed on the door for a little while and then fell asleep amidst my frozen corpses. Later someone from DND stopped by to knock on my door, I properly greeted him and offered tea.


It seems that my visitor from DND was slain, probably by the Jabberwock who came knocking on my door. The Jabberwock destroyed my ward but left me untouched, it took me a little while to figure out, but I finally assumed that it must have been a bit sleepy after offing a guy and knocking in my ward. A simple search proved my theory correct. So I offered it a beer and killed it the best I could. During this event I also managed to make it up to level 18 and now have a CP total of 21 to spend. At this point in time I will be saving the CP. On second thought, I decided to get Search, to help me, uh find things? Nuts to that, I'm getting Hide instead! It should prove more useful when I'm out of the SH.


Ate door, ate door, ate door, ate door, and ate door.


Ate door, ate door, ate door, ate door, ate door, and ate door.


Ate door, ate door, ate door, ate door, and ate door.


Ate door, ate door, ate door, ate door, and ate door. Rough few days here..... Woke up and headed to the Great Ziggurat for the challenge. Ahh, another fine day in the Ziggurat, and another stand in there where I killed no one. At least (I hope) I put on a nice show for the other fellow.


Respawned, made it back to SH, ate door.


Didn't have enough free emote dealies to go back to the Ziggurat to die again, so I ate door, ate door, ate door, ate door, and ate door.


Woke up dead, It seems as though I have an invisible VW camping in my SH. Made it back to the SH with no AP to spare. Must start brainstorming how to kill this pest.


Went over to the local evil library to look for some means to reveal the pest in my SH. Found some books, a blood ice, and a bone leech.


Searched the library again, didn't find much of anything useful.


Went over to the Ziggurat found no on to kill. Waiting for death to come.


Died in the Ziggurat, respawned like 5ap from my SH. Went over to the local damned library did some searching and found a portal to WBtW and recorded the exit point of a new pond. Later I traveled across lower Gehenna back to my SH where I grabbed some potions for my next visit to the Ziggurat.


Went to the Ziggurat , killed a guy and potioned up. Lasted 23 minutes.


Searched for potions for my next run at the Ziggurat.


Went over to the local Damned Library to search for potions and instead found a random T3 sitting there. As this library and my SH are totally surrounded by flames and lava, I accused the person (who ended up being Bob Probert) of being a spy trying to steal my screenplay, and somehow managed to kill him in live battle! Though I am now infected with defilers poison and blood curse.....


Ate the door a few times and also made it to level 19. Saving the CP for level 20.


Went to the Ziggurat early this morning, found nobody there again. So I farmed the door for a little bit. I lasted 30 minutes. Respawned on Prime Plane, found someone to claw at, then found a place to hide.


So, MMWH has not gained any new members in a while, so being that I am rarely in my SH, I jumped ship on the faction so that one of my other alts could join one.


I win at the Ziggurat! Almost Level 20. Then later on, Fuck yes! level 20 - Davington has become a Void Walker ! I immediately bought Invisibility, then I got Stepping of the Corner, because the innate 1/2 movement cost that Ether Stepping offers sounds sexy as hell.


Been spending time at the Ziggurat, made it to level 21 a few days ago, saved the CP for ether stepping. Today I respawned on Prime Plane, so, naturally I turned invisible and started closing and locking random doors and then corner stepping to the next building. Fun times being a troublemaker.


The Ziggurat has taken much time away from my door killing, but, it has also provided a good load of XP. I jumped to level 23 without even noticing it! Ether stepping is now mine! Yes! Now I can hit the Ziggurat twice as often almost! Though, I may take a break from the Zig once I hit level 24 and can afford Greater Invisibility.


I realized that I had way to many APs so I went off to the Ziggurat. I killed a fellow factionmate. Which, I have to say I felt bad about. But when I went to post my killing on the forums, I found out that the thread was locked and that a new thread was open. Turns out, I came in second place this week for killing, and first place for dying! YES! TWO FIRST PLACES AND A SECOND PLACE THIS WEEK! Man I am on a roll! Hah! the extra APs seem to have made the Ziggurat a very lively place! I kiled a guy, got kiled by another guy, returned, saw the other guy kill the first one, then killed him! Also, I really, really, really want to drink my Zig Juice! Damn it! I drank it hoping it would heal me up all good and all it did was get me drunk! Fuck! I think I almost got taken out by the Professor, killed him, got killed by Discordia, respawned, killed Discordia, then killed Discordia again. I am very confused at the chin of events that have just taken place. All I know for sure is that there was lots of killing, and that I hit level 24 and bought Greater Invisibility! Oh and screw the break I thought I might take! I'll do that after I get Master Invisibility! I hope. The Ziggurat is very much fun after all.


Killed a few guys at the Ziggurat and got killed a few times. EK has yet to update this weeks standings in the Ziggurat, I haven't been that active do to moving apartments and having to uh, "acquire" a new interwebs connection, but let's just hope I place somewhere in the standings.


Okay, It's been a long month. I was rather inactive for a while, but over the last couple weeks I picked up the pace and started hitting the Zig regularly. Handy sure is a pain in my ass with his damned feeding fangs! I was actually going to get armor just to help combat him and his fangs! But alas, tragedy struck! While skulking around Elysium with an alt, I landed myself in the Zig on accident. This made me take Davington trolling around Prime Plane for a while, so as not to create zerg flag issues. Anyways, I ran into a T3 and accidentally made it to level 27 which gave me a total of 91 CP! Fuck yes! I immediately got Master Invisibility, no need to frequent the Zig anymore! I have yet to test it out as I still don't have enough MP, I used it all up Hellfiring a guy out a window. Now I just have to figure out if I should get Advanced Hide, or Assassin's Edge. If Advanced Hide will give bonuses to MI, then that will be the path I take most probably.

08/13ish/2018 - REBIRTH

After quite the long slumber I've finally awoken again!

I awoke several days ago with an unnatural urge to eat a damn door. I did, it was fantastic. This place sure has changed compared to how I recall it, my powers have faded, I have become mortal once again. The landscape, oh my it has changed. Onwards into this new world, I looked for stuff, books maybe? I'm confused, what should I be doing? All the doors have been broken already but luckily I have engineering knowledge, so I've been fixing them left and right, while murdering others sometimes. After a few days, I realized that I can remove power for loads more experience than repairing doors affords me. Wandering, searching, hiding, fixing, breaking, I am now level 4, I now have Hand-to-Hand Combat and Martial Arts, fear me maybe one day. I need a notebook to get cracking on my screenplay!


Went to look for a blank book to start my screenplay in. I then realized that I have NO spiked knuckles! This is not called for! I rushed to the local police station to locate a set for myself! Soon, soon the door murder will be in full swing!


I have been slacking recently in my door murdering, but I have been hiding out around the Elvira Electrical building, disabling the generators on a regular basis, and generally disconnecting random buildings from the power lines. Life is grand! I have accused several people of having my screenplay though, maybe one day I will find it?


As of now, Davington is retired. Wowbagger is now his name, insulting is his game. At least a little bit. He's going to be a Redeemed, but for right now he's a Pariah and grinding power enable! More some other time!


Last night I was murdered, twice. But before the killing began, I decided that I would turn away from demonkind and atone for my past sins by following the path of the Redeemed! Shortly after I turned away from demonkind I was murdered by Del the Funky Homo Sapien, I do not think that the transcendent youth took much pity on me. A short while after finding a new incarnation I was murdered again, this time by Killer Bean. The aged transcendent Eternal Soldier held no sympathy for my blight, and no compassion for my suffering. It was an experience. After regaining a new body, I decided that perhaps my actions would do my speaking for me, but with my words, with my words I can and will tell let the world know that it is a terrible place. I will insult the universe, one soul at a time.

Anyways, I found myself out and about in the world, I happened to come across an entire neighborhood that some demon no doubt had disconnected from power. I did what only a good person would do. I reconnected the power, good, bad, pacifist, all deserve to live life in the best quality that can be achieved.


After running around Laurentia for a long while reconnecting powe and insulting those that I met on the streets. After earning Mask of the Martyr I started hanging around King's Island, a major hub of demon activity due largely to DND having their stronghold located on the island. With my mask on I was able to easily have demons attack me until they gained enough MO to lose their demonic powers entirely. Think of it as a forceful repentance! Then before not too long I found the Mysterious AK group that breaks into strongholds and murders everyone! I figured that this would be a great fit for me, especially because most of the population is hiding in their cozy homes, away from my wondrous insults. It's very difficult after all to break in there on my own and let the insults fly. So far, I have collected many insults, there are still loads to go, but I's say it's a great start for my mission of insulting the entire Nexus.

The AK group is exceptionally fun, I die every single raid and learn loads of new things every time. I usually get to murder our ward basher for the positive MO, and if I'm lucky, I can fight the gremlin and lose, maybe one day I'll be powerful enough to kill it! The raids are so fun in fact that the other evening, I died 4 times technically! We crashed The Deadly Sins and I took it upon myself to finish off AT&T Customer Service, I pummeled and illuminated them with my Candle of the Soul which dealt 9 points of fire damage to them, killing them, Fists of Holy Resolve had worn off so I didn't get the massive damage boost, but still. To use candle on them I had to sacrifice 3 points of my own vitality, this was enough to kill me, but then they exploded in hellfire which also killed me. I found another body and returned only for Cheney to return and kill me with a scream. I found yet another body and activated Mask of the Penitent and Mask of the Martyr and chilled outside in Laurentia. After only a couple minutes Liemannen stopped by to murder me with a pack of ghouls. So yeah, AT&T Customer Service killed me, I killed myself, Cheney killed me, and Liemannen finished me off! A truly impressive evening indeed!


So, much has happened since my last update. The leader of the AK raider group I was in started conducting in a massive and wide spread vulture campaign, he treated all of his characters as one character, they all spoke as him with no separation between any of them. This got old very quickly, sometimes within the hour that a faction was raided, he would be there killing everyone with his extremely grindy super tank characters, destroying their ability to play that day, and sometimes if he killed the recap party, he would come back the next day and kill everyone again. Now, this didn't necessarily have anything to do with the factionless AK raiders, but it did start to feel like it did because of how he talked to everyone. Then after that had been going on a while, he started to target single players. Finding all of their characters every day and slaughtering them, insulting the user on each one. calling each character by the name of the user. This became too much after a while. He aventually decided to target my IRL wife (who also spent a little time in the factionless AK raiders group), once he chased her into quitting the game for a time, I decided to make a stand and pulled Wowbagger from the group, then because the group was hosted on IMA?'s discord, I pulled my Janitor character from IMA? as well, cut virtually all times with Anko the vulture. My wife eventually came back to the game, but then she had to deal with Anko finding her and calling her a cry baby and a quitter on all of her characters, she nearly quit again.

Since then though, Anko has been granted the admin gift of the permaban, or at least that's how it seems, he's not been around for a couple of months now, so that's good. We can all get back to raiding without knowing that he is going to ruin the other factions day by vulturing them, and we can get back to our regular RP without him dropping in to kill us and call us the users, names and take cheap shots. So anyways, Wowbagger spent a couple of weeks in The Demons Next Door, apologizing for his past behavior and trying to be a productive member of the Nexus. Things changed for the better and Wowbagger was moved out of there and managed to find a home at Ice Baby, where he has been now for a couple months. It has been a great experience and he even recruited in a great little Sorcerer that he met in-game! The only issue has been that Wowbagger really can't do anything at all, he is not suited for factioned play really. no sense magic, no first aid, the only attack he can make on a ward or fort is a 65% to hit punch for 8 damage, which is not enough to recap a stolen standard. And then because IIB is evil and Wowbagger is a redeemed, he can't even set the SH in the case that we manage to retrieve our standard.

So, for these reasons, I have decided to retire Wowbagger, and bring Davington back into the Nexus! As of yesterday, Wowbagger is no more and the Nexus has one less Redeemed, but now there is a rather crazy little fellow named Davington running around doing crazy stuff and aiming to become a Void Walker one day! Welcome back Davington!!!

Note - I would like to apologize for any hard feelings I caused in my time with the factionless AK group. I made some very bad choices that no doubt hurt some feelings. I am sorry for this, and I am never going to be that person again.

The List

~Note~ Small typos have been fixed to reflect what was intended to have been said.

162) Devlin Bower - Devlin Bower, your sense of humor is dry and flaky like my own!

265) Mick Connors - Mick Conners, you are a curiously unseemly onion!

267) Big Boy Bob - Big Boy Bob, if you have something to say, raise your hand and place it over your mouth.

275) Bob Probert - Bob Probert, I've seen people like you before, though, it did require an admission fee.....

498) a random Facebook page - a random Facebook page, the page you are is a terrible one, I gave you a bad comment on your wall.

557) Rawson - Rawson, you are a piteously lecherous troglodyte and a primitive armpit-licking ocular depravity to all.

795) Hellen Keller - Helen Keller, your feet smell like rice pudding.

997) Janni - You use your bullhorn to say: 'Janni, you are a wretched bucket-full of fobbingly metal something that nobody really likes very much.'.

1198) Brother Yngvi - Brother Yngvi, you smell like a bone-liquefyingly rancid cottage cheese!

1537) an Infernal Behemoth - an Infernal Behemoth, I've seen taller people, shameful.

1681) Polytonic - Polytonic, you look like something that came out of a cat!

1739) Anko - Anko, you smell like an opossum flavored lunch meat.

1833) Galaxy S - Galaxy S, Some people bring joy wherever they go. You, on the other hand, bring joy whenever you go.

2054) Tillinghast - Tillinghast, your face is very unbecoming.

2284) Azharade - Azharade, don't feel bad. A lot of people have no talent.

2477) The Tartan Terror - The Tartan Terror, your hair looks like a pile of regurgitated stinky cheeses, and has a similar smell.

2949) An Angry Mob - An Angry Mob, you guys are all directly from the weeb convention yes?

2966) Aventine - Aventine, your headband looks pitiful matched with that monocle.

3599) Sac II - Sac II, the fact that you even just *have* a thorax is just very off-putting.

4668) Mr Dalliard - Mr Dalliard, you are a grimy toilet filled to the brim with glue.

4850) Martha Stewart - Martha Stewart, you smell of extra foul sewer goo.

4901) A Magic Seal - A Magic Seal, you are a torpidly mutated sponge.

5269) a bag of XP - a bag of XP, you look like something I'd draw with my left hand.

5683) Outrageous Fortune - Outrageous Fortune, your breath smells like an antelopes hooves.

5981) Aelita - Aelita, I would like to leave you with one thought, but I’m not sure if you have anywhere to store it in.

6055) Not an immoral guy - Not an immoral guy, you are a shallow-minded grizzly cement-head!

6142) The Majestic Liopleurodon - The Majestic Liopleurodon, I’d insult you, but then I’d have to explain it afterwards, so never mind.

7610) Monday Before - Monday Before, your forearms are a very odd length, it is unbecoming.

7653) Serena Hasheen - Serena Hasheen, I’ll try being nicer if you try being smarter.

7681) An True - An True, you are an embryonically tone-deaf ice queen.

7870) Mango - Mango, your hair looks like an overcooked meat patty!

7927) Rowboat Cop - Rowboat Cop, your prosthetic arm is creepy and looks like it might have been made with sub par craftsmanship!

8051) Chianni - Chianni, the way you have matched that cape and that kilt makes you look like a complete fool.

8081) Owen Grady - Owen Grady, your face is certainly not as pretty as your mother would have told you.

8116) Sir Tristram - Sir Tristram, My life may be a joke, but it’s not as funny as your face.

8448) Special Agent: Kitty-Bat-Kat - Special Agent: Kitty-Bat-Kat, you are a bipedal tone-deaf nuclear tank.

8505) Franknfurter - Franknfurter, all of your ghouls are deformed, your bad at corpse picking.

8579) Annie Baker - Annie Baker, you look like a shoe and you smell like one too.

8671) Jack Burton - Jack Burton, Somewhere out there, there's a tree working very hard to produce oxygen so that you can breathe. I think you should go and apologize to it.

8682) Thulsa Doom - Thulsa Doom, you are an abominably incorrigible trollop and a revolting dandruff-eating dreg.

8833) Ricky Spanish - Ricky Spanish, your blood claws aren't nearly blood covered enough

9142) A Foul Odor - A Foul Odor. you smell of cheese and peanut butter that has gone foul.

9144) A Bacon Maple Bar - A Bacon Maple Bar, you are a radioactively shallow-minded musclehead.

9368) Valerie - Valerie, people say laughter is the best medicine. Your face must be curing the world.

9592) A Stinky Hobo - A Stinky Hobo, you are a youthfully bloodstained ratbag.

9597) Kael - Kael you are a lamentably cretinous reptile and a depraved flesh-creeping abomination to all the senses.

10068) Mettaton - Mettaton, you smell like a dirty aquarium!

10392) I was once a plant! - You use your bullhorn to say: 'I was once a plant!, you are a seldom referenced oompa loompa!'.

10407) Samizdat - Samizdat, I’m so jealous of all the people that haven’t met you yet.

10572) Fannis Esero - Fannis Esero, your tuxedo pants and an offwhite and the rest of your outfit is not, you have terrible fashion sense!

10595) Vriska Serket - Vriska Serket, you have delusions of adequacy. --- Said after character death!
10595) Vriska Serket - You use your bullhorn to say: 'Vriska Serket if you are in there, Nico killed you before I got my insult out so I only told your corpse, you have delusions of adequacy. Good day to you! If she is not home, someone please relay the message, thank you!'.

10597) Ebola-chan - Ebola-chan, your face looks like you've been using it as a doorstop.

10623) a wandering kitsune - a wandering kitsune, you have the intellect of a squirrel, a rather smart one, but still.....

10653) BarronTrump - BarronTrump, your patchy skin is completely gross and smells like pinecones, in a bad way!

10743) IvanaTrump - IvanaTrump, you are a ludicrously unctuous sausage!

10808) Mad Malice McCrea - Mad Malice McCrea, your nose is slightly too large for your head size!

10826) Dimentia_McCrea - Oh, and someone tell Dimentia_McCrea that their teeth are not nearly as sharp as one would expect and that it's a huge let down!

10892) CatGhost - CatGhost, you are an inconsequentially paper-faced schizophobiac!

10909) - You use your bullhorn to say: '¡, I’d explain it to you, but I don’t have any crayons with me.'.

10949) Badziew - Badziew, you are a brutally noodle-armed highway criminal!

11006) Cut-Me-Own-Throat Dibbler - Cut-Me-Own-Throat Dibbler, I’m busy, you’re ugly. Have a nice day.

11156) Dustin Henderson - Dustin, you are a clay-brainedly downsized Yeti lookalike!

11183) Collard Greens - Collard Greens, you are an absolutely terrible dish, way too salty and also served cold for some reason.

11208) Black Gold Of The Sun - Black Gold Of The Sun, you smell like feet and turkey!

11271) Lorelai - Lorelai, you are a ghoulishly grave mullet head!

11303) Blackbrass - Blackbrass, someday you'll find yourself, and will you be disappointed.

11453) a three legged puppy - a three legged puppy, you look like something that came out of a slow cooker.

11476) Patchy the Pirate - Patchy the Pirate, may the chocolate chips in your cookies always turn out to be raisins.

11489) Krombopulos Michael - Krombopulos Michael, if I had a dollar for every brain you don’t have, I’d have a dollar.

11518) Nicothoë - Nicothoë, your breath smells like a foot.

11534) Nocodazole - Nocodazole, your hands are different sizes, I'm fairly certain. It looks odd.

11571) Sentient Spellbook - Sentient Spellbook, you have an ugly cover!

11633) Anko, Ghost, Thonk, MBP, Avine - Anko, Ghost, Thonk, MBP, Avine, you are a dreadfully insufferable loafer and a rank foul-smelling grudge-festering haggard.

11672) The Witch of Doma - The Witch of Doma, you are stinky and look funny.
11672) The Witch of Doma - The Witch of Doma, your peeling skin is very smelly, I wish I could get away from it. Gross

11721) Grindelwald - You Grindelwald, are a jelly-boned ball of evil-smellingly splattering moose beans!

11726) Vylekh - Vylekh, you are a spiritually elated geekburger!

11772) Lee­ Lee, if you had one more brain cell, it would be lonely.

11822) Nexal Lady Dancing 2 - Nexal Lady Dancing 2, people say laughter is the best medicine. Your face must be curing the world.

11823) Nexal Lady Dancing 3 - Nexal Lady Dancing 3, I’m busy, you’re ugly. Have a nice day.

11841) Nexal Piper Piping 2 - You smell like burned toast!

11855) Nexal Drummer Drumming 3 - Nexal Drummer Drumming 3 your very clearly have two left feet and probably dance like a fool!

11857) Nexal Drummer Drumming 5 - Nexal Drummer Drumming 5 you look like something that came out of a cat!

11864) Nexal Drummer Drumming 12 - Nexal Drummer Drumming 12 you have a lopsided face.

11879) Dot - Dot, You are a deucedly hideous plebeian and a fiendish chromosome-deficient test tube experiment.

11903) Bucket - You use your bullhorn to say: 'Bucket, you smell like a rotten fish gill!'

11911) Ablutio Sol - You use your bullhorn to say: 'Alblutio Sol, you have an unappealing smell, kinda like old cola and cheese.'

The sunset over Cimmeria - Sunset, your vibrant colors are far too high definition, you almost look fake, just saying.

Counter Insults

I didn't really take into account that I would get insulted back, interesting, so I guess here starts the list of counter insults?!

The Tartan Terror said, "Ye hiv a face like a slap erse and the fashion sense o a shitelobbin monkey! Back! Back fae whence ye came ya plamf that ye are!" (2018-11-10 08:14:44).

You Awful Cheating Bastard You said, "W...W...W.....Wowbagger? Wowbagger the infinitely prolonged? You're a real jerk, you know that? A total nincompoop. " (2018-11-19 13:27:39).

A Foul Odor whispered to you, saying, "Oh, that was a dark really are a wanker, Wowbagger!" (2018-11-20 04:25:00).

Mr Dalliard said, "This is not WOW" (2018-11-29 09:33:33).

Nicothoë said, "Ur feet smell like a.... dumb." (2018-12-01 01:32:44).
Nicothoë said, "Wowbagger? More like dumbbagger." (2018-12-01 01:35:11).

Annie Baker said, "And you look gross enough that I would not even step in you with my evil shoes." (2018-12-01 04:08:08).

Aelita said, "Having nowhere to store this worthless thought, I will give it back." (2018-12-03 23:23:22).

Samizdat sent you 1 credits with this message: I get it, you're only jealous of the people that haven't met me yet because they still have such an incredible life event coming up. You big softie you, giving me a compliment while insulting everyone else. (2018-12-10 17:37:44).

Quarrel said, "Call yourself an angel? You look like a flying rat!" (2019-01-02 13:52:43).

An True lazily salutes. "Oi kiddo, I ain't meanin to hurt yer feelins or nuthin but ye got the kind o' face that only yer Auntie could love. Luckily yer Auntie An T is toleratin' a good deal of things." (2019-01-05 05:54:16).

Manrias le Normro said, "No no, you smell much less than eyes eyes eyes behold from that get back on last nights? You smell as foul as the dirt that clings to my Batfeathers!! Batty no eat you, is much bad that you are being." (2019-01-06 04:26:43).

Nexal Piper Piping 2 sent you 1 credits with this message: (an insulting bagpipe tune plays back at you) (2019-01-07 01:42:21).

Nexal Drummer Drumming 3 sent you 1 credits with this message: At least I learned an instrument! You haven't done that in billions of years! (2019-01-08 04:52:25).

Patchy the Pirate said, "You stink wowbagger" (2019-01-15 01:56:54).

no one whispered to you, saying, ""Wowbagger is an unconscionably cretinous moron and a primitive armpit-licking derelict whose birth certificate is an apology from the condom factory."" (2019-01-15 14:58:57).

Phantom V38 said, "Grrr, I so hate this stone" (2019-01-16 00:58:27).
Phantom V38 gave you a Chunk of Cobblestone. (2019-01-16 00:58:36).
Phantom V38 said, "There, it is your problem now" (2019-01-16 00:58:42).

Wolfoid said, "Er, you have an awful haircut!" (2019-01-16 05:11:41).

Anko, Ghost, Thonk, MBP, Avine said, "smh" (2019-01-18 02:10:07).

Someone used a bullhorn to say: 'oh yeah? Well your breath smells like a pair of old sweaty gym socks.' . It was so loud, it must have come from inside. (2019-04-01 00:54:18).

Catvom said, "Your mere presence insults me, so congrats on that accomplishment :)" (2019-06-25 14:08:55).