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Welcome to my user page! I have been around since the opening of BobWar(currently Nexus Clash), my character plscks is ID number 20. I played BobWar for a couple of years and then went inactive for a long time as RL took over. After roughly 8 years, I was somehow reminded of Nexus Clash and decided to jump back in! I am now back, with all of my characters!

About Me

I'm just a regular guy. I started playing Urban Dead years ago and there I joined up with the Ridleybank Resistence Front, at that time I was introduced to Nexus War as we had a faction in that game as well. Naturally I joined NW and had a complete blast! Little did I know, the Nexus was was just about to get shut down. It eventually did shut down, in a wonderful blaze of glory and with a great theatrical and interactive ending. But with NW shut down, I felt very lost, there was a large void where NW had been. I wasn't alone and before too long a large group of us found a different game to migrate to, that game was Shintolin.

The Nexodus was a large movement of players from the Nexus to the world of Shintolin. This world was an incredibly small world, the user-base consisted of 15-30 players, and then one day several hundred players all from the Nexus showed up and radically changed the game forever, for better or for worse. Initially there was worry from the native Shintolin population, as they were a very peaceful population, and we were from the Nexus which is comparatively violent. Needless to say, there was a giant war that erupted between the Nexal Empire and the native population of Shintolin. It was an epic experience and we literally shaped the entire game development of the game.

In 2010, BobQGeneric unveiled the thing he had been working diligently on with the blessing of the Nexus War creator, Worlds In Global Battle Locked (WIGBL), which was given the nickname BobWar, and eventually renamed Nexus Clash. I jumped right in to the new Nexus! I was involved in a slew of factions, I've had my own very small factions, and I've had plenty of wonderful experiences. I played pretty heavily up until 2012 when RL kicked in and I put most of my energy into my new career and my new family. In August 2018 I was reminded of Urban Dead and the RRF, from there I was again reminded of Nexus Clash. I am now back playing NC on a regular basis, but only with 3 active characters, as this is all I really have time for at this point.


I went to college a long time ago. Initially I went to community college and obtained an Associate of Science degree (Not to be confused with an Associate of Applied Science degree), then I transferred to a four year school where I majored in Professional Physics, it was good fun. Along the way I made some poor decisions and eventually ended up dropping out of school. Here's some advise for all you young kids out there, DON'T DO THAT! Anyways, when I left school I knew I needed a backup plan, so being mechanically inclined I went back to community college and got an Associate of Applied Science degree, this time with the emphasis being Automotive Technology. From there I started my career as an Automotive Technician with Toyota, and eventually settling with General Motors. Throughout my career, further training has been a very big push from me, I have chosen to concentrate on the niche areas of my trade, diesel engines, transmissions, and hybrid technologies. Many technicians in my area won't work on these specialty vehicles because of the extra training required, my training allows me to a leg up on the next guy by making myself more marketable and more intelligent.


Now-a-days I have a wife, a step-son who is now a teenager, and a dog (pointer/pit mix?). Don't get misled by my career path either, sure I am a mechanic by trade, but I still occupy my time reading up on the sciences and messing with computers as well. My every day desktop runs Arch linux, I had a headless web server (which I shutdown recently), a fleet of Raspberry Pi 3's, and technically a very very nice Windows 10 gaming PC (that I built with my Son for him). I really enjoy dabbling in programming with python and am usually working on some kind of python project, most recently it has been refining a discord bot for my NC RRF Discord server. My bot currently lists crafting recipes, component information, and alchemy information, it's neat and it's a work in progress. I also as of Feb 2019 took over maintaining and updating the Nexus Clash hypermap, it has been a very very fun project and I am very excited and thankful to have my link be the official in game map, it's really really neat!


I currently have 7 characters here in Nexus Clash. Of those 7 only 6 are currently active.

I started character/build/daily journal thingys for a contest Bob held many years ago. I actually ended up winning the contest, thanks for reading Bob! I still update my active character journals on a semi-regular basis.

Build Journals

a random janitor - Active

plscks - Active

Wowbagger/Davington - Active

Richard Feynman - Active

Wiggles - Active

James Ford - Active

Desmond - Active

Active Characters


Long live the Ridleybank Resistance Front! Historically this character was from Nexus War, I was RRF there and remain RRF in Nexus Clash as well.

Currently I am a Leader in the RRF, we have a Discord server and try to organize raids for those of us that are active. It has been a long road, but we are currently a pretty darn functional faction with lots of support and lots of zambahz! Historically I have been a Shadow of the Wolf Revenant since back in the Nexus War days. I believe I was the second or possibly third Wolf Rev in Clash, as when the game debuted there was no tree for Wolf. I took a little break in early to mid 2019 to reset and experiment with having a Lich that used wights, in the RRF with all our Liches and Wizards, it took me 8 days of healing to get from level 1 to level 20. The wights were amazing! Having an army of 40 of them can rip apart just about anything in the game! But I started to feel stir crazy putting all of my AP into pet rejuvenation instead of getting out and doing random things. So I reset yet again and am now the Wolf Rev that I have always wanted to be, again.



This character is historically from Nexus War as well, the character, his alignment, and the RP has been the same since that time. Back in NW this little fellow was in the Mickey Mouse Whore House faction, and at the time that Nexus War closed down, had just become an Infernal Behemoth. Initially in Nexus Clash I recreated MMWH, but then went on to abandon the faction a little while later to afford for a different character to join a faction instead. At that point this guy turned factionless, and I changed his pariah exit goal to Void Walker.

Currently this fellow is feral and in the Adamant Kinship. I have been slowly crawling to T3 by way of grinding power disconnect/reconnect and door destruction/repair. I'm not sure right now what my exit is going to be, I have been tossing around the idea of going Redeemed instead of my regular VW. I guess we will just wing it when the time comes.

Welp, that time has come and gone, on account of the fact that I decided to go with a Redeemed as the exit for my Pariah, Davington has been retired, I'm not sure for how long, it may be permanent. In any case, Davington's character did not fit well with the change to Redeemed, so I changed his name to Wowbagger, which may or may not be a better fit, but it is certainly better a fit than Davington was.


  • The Infinitely Prolonged - He has turned away from demonkind to atone for his past sins by following the path of the Redeemed!

Wowbagger, a Redeemed! He is atoning for his past sins, but he's still annoyed that Demon's hate him for his remorse, Angel's hate him for his past evil ways, and Transcendent's have complete apathy for him or his internal struggles. To combat this, he will be insulting everyone, individually, personally, and one at a time. It probably won't be in order, it probably won't be everyone ever, but he's certainly going to do his best! I spent a bunch of time raiding with the factionless AK raider group and made many poor decisions, and eventually landed in the evil faction Ice Ice Baby where I currently am having a very nice time. But as you can imagine, this isn't a very good fit for Wowbagger, so he has been reset.


  • The Clinically Mad - Back on his initial path towards Void Walker!

Richard Feynman

This fellow was created sometime in the beginning of breath 2 with my journal contest winnings. He was historically a death farmer.

Reset Feynman and reworked him. I wasn't happy with having taken Alchemy as I never really used it. This time around I went Spell Combat, Acid with a touch of Impact. Specializing in Horrid Tentacles this time around instead of hounds. It's been a blast so far!

Feynman is now the co-founder of the University of Science Friction - Adventurer Edition faction, or USF for short. Feynman founded the university with his beloved wifey and Infernal Behemoth Lucy It's a fun place where little fledgling demons can grow up into full on demonhood! SCIENCE!!

Yet again, I have decided to reset Feynman, it became rather burdensome to be a pet master and also the primary ward smasher of a raiding party, with nothing but spells to rely on for damage. This time around I am planning on going HtH for the Metamorphic Unguis tree, at least then everything won't require MP!

a random janitor

At first this character was just a death farmer. I couldn't maintain that, I needed more. I accidentally started crafting things and gaining levels, before I knew it I was T2 and decided to set my sights on Enchanting. For reasons unknown I decided to go for a Conduit which I have never played before, in fact I have never done a character that used spells or magic (in any major way) before. Around level 16 I was recruited into IMA? by mom Ghost.

My experience in IMA? has been wonderful! It's a really fun and active faction! My factionmates are amazing and all very supportive of my character build and goals! They are also very very helpful and knowledgeable and are always helping me refine and tweak my character build. It is much much more entertaining to be factioned with an amazing faction, versus being a feral crafter, I'm very glad that I was recruited!

My time in IMA? has come to a close, for various reasons. After I left there I started up a Freelance support for hire business, where I fill various support requests in exchange for things, mostly newspapers, sometimes for free, other times for just components. As of this writing, the Janitor has crafted 2110 items, this is very very close to top items crafted in the career category. It is a goal of mine to keep on going! I very much so enjoy brewing up potions!

Currently I am in the Combustible Opossums, and while I am a transcendent and do not have Explosive Murder I am pretty darn good at accidentally pulling the pin on a few grenades here and there! CO is a great faction with a very active stronghold, a nice happy little family! :D


  • HFA Wizard - Former death farmer now Wizard delivery boy.

Wiggles was actually named after Fry's nickname from an episode of Futurama. He is a previously good MO feral that concentrates on reading Holy books, finding spell gems, and socializing with the other good folks that he sees in Laurentia . He really doesn't have a big character developed yet. Though he is different from my other characters.

Back yet again, for some death farming fun! I might read him up to T2 if I feel so inclined, maybe I'll be inspired to grow him up completely. But for now, the plan is simple, chit chat with people and die, watch the game be good basically!

Well Wiggles has developed into a fine your fella! Made it to 1000 deaths even! Towards the end of the death farming and delivering he found a home at the Avengers of Harmony Falls. It is such a perfect fit, a really really great semi-small faction. Wiggles couldn't possibly be having a better time! Then not long ago at all, Wiggles hit tier 3 and decided on the class of Wizard, it has been wonderful so far.

James Ford

Was once plsck, leader of the Pants!?! faction, has since been renamed to my favorite Lostie, James Ford! He is proud to have made his home in the games only Observatory. He very much so likes and enjoys his neighbors the Failraiders of the Lost Ark, though they have made a habit of stopping in to say hello and then crush his skull. Every now and then he raids the Failraiders back, but oddly enough his raids more resemble a true failraid than the Failraiders raids. He has been known to say things like "Son of a bitch!" and removes his shirt for no reason.

Currently James Ford is enjoying life with the fabled and historic faction, The Demons Next Door! It's nice to be in another historic faction that has ties that run all the way back to NW.


  • Lostie / (Not so) Feral hunter - Des will one day become a very powerful melee Archon!

Desmond is a good MO melee fellow, he started unfactioned but ended up in The Police Force at the End of the Universe, let's see how this pans out...... He enjoys hunting and saying Brother after most things, where applicable.

That was ages ago, but yet again, after many years, Des has found himself a home back at the EUPD! It is good to be back!