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if you're reading this, you either got lost or want to know more about me. I don't like telling just about anyone things about me (this is still the World Wide Web, you know), so I'll just state my characters: I control "a Fungus", "JamesYtalic" and "Ongewitter".

If you need me, just PM me on the NexusClash forums under the same name.

Now let me get to improving this Wiki

Love, Ongewitter

Editing Interface

I've stumbled upon something that's going to help me a lot:This one, wikEd It has a better editing interface than is standard and I can use it with Greasemonkey, so it's independent of which wiki I am on! The main reason I'm using this is to link inter-wiki stuff more easily.

Random haxor crap

If a table you're using gets surrounded by text, just insert the following line:

<div style="clear:both;">

That should clear both before and after that particular line. If text is hugging from both below and above the table, obviously you should put the line both in front and at the end of the table. It is used on the Locations pages. I also have no clue how it makes that nifty edge, it just does that.

Talk Pages with Instructions

  • Wiki Guidance - I need to get some baselines in here, for the purposes of unifying skill descriptions.

Flavor Text

Detailed discussion regarding flavor text


Looking for a spam removal bot. I know I found the link once, but I can't find it anymore.

One of the bots dropped this line: Error: no text lalalala to spin could be obtained from ://www.ehow.blurblinesscom/how_2208815_remember-leap-coursedothtml (Keywords: "Brain", "Training", "Memooooohooory", "Test") I edited it a bit, yes. Derp.

Black List extension

Page creation restriction



Spam Blacklist and Whitelist

Title blacklist


I got this nifty thing from MediaWiki


Finding Weapons

Chainsaw:Found:Hardware Store;Craft:Junkyard(2Steel,2Plastic,Chain) or Factory(2Steel);Ammo:Oil Rig and Airport

Torch:Found:Nowhere;Craft:Factory(Leather),Junkyard(Brass),Forest(Wood),Fire Station(Rope);Ammo:Oil Rig and Airport



Quiver:Found:Cottage and Gun Store;Craft:Forest(Wood);

DBS:Found:Police Station;Ammo:Gun Store;

Flamethrower:Found:Mil Base;Craft:Factory(4Steel,Plastic);Ammo:Oil Rig and Airport

Pistol:Found:Police Station;Craft:Factory(Steel,Brass);Ammo:Police Station


Shells and Shotguns are found at 1.91% per AP in Gun Stores. For the DBS that's 1 Shell on average and the Pump-Action provides 3 on average for a grand total of 9.55% shots per AP spent. The SMG gets 1.28% for the Ammo (12 shots) and 0.64% for the SMG (6 shots avg.) which means 19.2% shots per AP. The Fuel Can has a 7.50% on an Airport and 8.39% on an Oil Rig, for 10 shots. Meaning 83.9% shots per AP spent. Not including the Flamethrower here, because you'd have to search a Mil. Base for that.

Repair vs Crafting

Searching for:

  • Guns to repair: 1.91+2.55+1.91+0.64+0.64=7.65 -> 13.07AP -> 15.7AP (excluding Pristine)
  • Brass:4.38=22.8AP
  • Steel:6.57=15.2AP
  • Piece of Wood:4.35=22.9AP; requires 2 pieces: 22.9*2=45.9AP

Brass and Steel searching for guns requires: 22.8+15.2=48AP + movement AP (say 5 AP because you can't craft guns in the same spot where you find their crafting components because that's not stupid) -> With Guild 1 standing crafting and repairing: 48+4+8+5=65AP for 66XP is 1.01XP/AP. This is slightly better than searching for repairable guns if you spend less than 5 movement AP: Searching gives 1/6 for each quality. 8/6AP+6*2/6AP+4*3/6AP+2*4/6AP+5AP*5/6=10.83AP avg for 25XP avg -> 25/25.7=0.94XP/AP

  • This leaves you standing in a Gun Store!

Steel:6.57=15.2AP; Craft destroyed Knife:10AP; Repair to Good:4*5AP; Repair Pristine:8AP = 15.2+10+20+8=53.2AP for 66XP or 1.24XP/AP With Guild 2 standing: 15.2+6+12+6=39.2 is 1.68XP/AP; With Guild 1 standing: 15.2+4+8+5=32.2 is 2.05XP/AP

  • This leaves you standing in a Factory!

2Woood:45.9AP = 45.9+13+20+8=86.9AP for 72XP or 0.82XP/AP; Guild 2: 45.9+9+12+6=72.9 is 0.98XP/AP; Guild 1: 45.9+7+8+5=65.9 is 1.09XP/AP

  • This leaves you standing in a random Forest tile (which non-bowyer people also search for Lilies, Daisies, Moss and Lichen, i.e. they'll give you surplus Wood)

You would need about 13225 AP to reach T3 through crafting (if you spent no AP actually getting to a Factory or on anything else), that's about 138 days or about 5 months, which is about halfway through the breath. 102 days with Guild 2 standing. 84 days with Guild 1 standing. See where this gets too good?

What with Opal? 15% extra find in Gunstores is 45% instead of 30%, increases 50%: 7.65%*1.5=11.48% -> 8.71AP to find a gun. 1/6 for each quality: 20/6AP+15*2/6AP+10*3/6AP+5*4/6AP+8AP*5/6 =23.33AP avg for 25XP avg -> 0.78XP/AP So yeah, Wondercraft is still better.

Balance and Opposition

Opposition & Balance Bonus Damage Table
Character's Morality Balance 40 MO target -40MO target Total 40 MO target Total -40 MO target
35 to 40 0 0 +3 0 +3
20 to 34 0 0 +2 0 +2
16 to 19 +1 +1 +2 +1 +3
10 to 15 +1 +1 +2 +2 +3
4 to 9 +2 +1 +1 +3 +3
1 to 3 +3 +1 +1 +4 +4
0 +4 +1 +1 +5 +5
-1 to -3 +3 +1 +1 +4 +4
-4 to -9 +2 +1 +1 +3 +3
-10 to -15 +1 +2 +1 +3 +2
-16 to -19 +1 +2 +1 +3 +1
-20 to -34 0 +2 0 +2 0
-35 to -40 0 +3 0 +3 0


I'm a stole this from Logan:

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