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I am a long-time fan of the Nexus series who you hopefully will run into at some point in the crazy shenanigans of our multiverse. I'm an admin on this wiki (so please talk to me if you would like an account!) and wear a number of hats for the Nexus dev team, with an emphasis on the game's maps, lore and atmosphere.

Characters - Clan Hasheen

My characters make up the enigmatic and sometimes contradictory Clan Hasheen, the favored (or very disfavored?) pawns of Hashaa, Elder Power of Death and Entropy. They owe their origins to her allowing them to survive, but in exchange she has taken something from or placed some curse on each of them. They are:

Katerina Hasheen - Advocate in the Ragged Philanthropists.

"Nothing's made to last."

The optimistic spark of Clan Hasheen, Katerina Hasheen embraces the limitations imposed by Hashaa and believes that they give meaning and fleeting beauty to the world. She has no intention of wasting her time here and is dedicated to living and loving and experiencing every touch, sound, taste and scent that there is. She has recently joined the faculty of the Ragged Philanthropists' University of Valhalla and shares their dream of building a place of peace amidst the endless war of the Nexus. Her latest frontier of discovery is becoming Hashaa's first-ever Angel and discovering the repercussions - for good or ill - that come with that.

Hasheen Curse: Re-read the above paragraph very carefully.

Tropes: Waif Prophet - The Sacred Darkness - Shipper On Deck - Bad Powers Good People - Special Snowflake Syndrome - Ms. Exposition - Half Identical Twins (with Kandarin) - Living Emotional Crutch (to Esrahil)

Kandarin - Holy Champion in All Your Souls.

"Together, we can accomplish things that one human being cannot dream of."

Professor (albeit on leave) Emeritus of Givenation, Glyph Literacy and Nexal Geography at the somewhat unaccredited University of Valhalla, Kandarin roams the Nexus spreading good cheer and gifts, battling epic foes, and checking in on his erstwhile...students. His latest "research project" involves exploring angelic elemental magic to try the limits of power. His official allegiance of both Faction and Guild is always in flux as he seeks power to thwart Hashaa and rescue his family and friends from her influence.

Hasheen Curse: Doesn't know he's a Hasheen.

Tropes: Becoming The Mask - Protagonist Centered Morality - Urban Legend Love Life - Half Identical Twins (with Katerina Hasheen) - Unwitting Pawn

Serena Hasheen - Lich in Ridleybank Resistance Front.


Serena Hasheen has seen things. Things you wouldn't believe, that would drive you mad if you saw them. This hasn't stopped her from attempting to communicate her thoughts and intentions in colorful communications methods ranging from blood writing to slash fiction to corpse puppetry. She's probably not actually malicious and thinks she's helping, but that doesn't make the people she kills any less dead.

Hasheen Curse: Unable to talk.

Tropes: Cute Ghost Girl - Blue and Orange Morality - Nightmare Fuel Coloring Book - Broken Bird - Good Powers Bad People

Isabel Hasheen - Conduit in Robin Hood's Coterie.

"Wheels turn, and all will be done and undone."

The Dark Prophet, Isabel roams the planes with a mind filled with half-formed visions of things to come, reaping souls and sowing fragments of knowledge.

Hasheen Curse: Speaks only in riddles.

Tropes: Vagueness Is Coming - Revenant Zombie - Cassandra Truth - Cannot Tell a Lie

Characters - Other

Erduhr-Khazai - Dark Oppressor in The Deadly Sins.

"All will burn. Tlacolotl knows what is his."

The Dragon of Tlacolotl, Erduhr-Khazai is an ancient demon prince bent on the destruction of his dark patron's many foes. Bloodthirsty, arrogant and greedy, he leads the Stygian war machine to endless battle against the angels and transcended.

Tropes: Demon Lords and Archdevils - Dragons Are Demonic - Blood Knight - No Nonsense Nemesis