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Yet another Nexus player.

I played Nexus War a bit, but did not do anything memorable. After a few years of absence I noticed that Nexus Clash exists and joined in for nostalgia's sake.

I am not an active player, I just login occasionally when the mood strikes me and I have some free time to spare.

I dislike faction warfare and I never participate in it, instead just I wander around or farm "pacifist" Achievement Badges.

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This list is sorted by date of arrival in the Nexus.


I wonder what this button does...

A curious scholar and a tourist, wandering the Nexus in search of knowledge and interesting places.

He has always been imagining his Morality as a Devil and Angel sitting on his shoulders, but one day this metaphor became a reality. During investigation of an ancient artefact his body and mind has been torn into three semi-independent people, and what you now see as "Badziew" is just the rational, curious, scientific side of his mind, devoid of any zeal or Morality obligations.

He has joined a few different Factions in his life (most notably Ragged Philanthropists and Kodiak Steel Company), but generally he tends to just wander around and not attach to any particular place.

Currently researching in University of Science Friction - Adventurer Edition.

This is my eldest character, switching between various Classes as I change my mind about what I want him to be. Of course he will always remain a Mortal or a Transcended, never joining Angels nor Demons.

Bad Guy Badziew

Hello. Wanna spar?

Bad side of original Badziew, now living as an independent entity.

A muscle maniac that enjoys a good brawl much more that actually killing his opponents.

He started his life as a Feral, briefly joining a few Evil factions and even starting his own micro-faction (Stygian Gym), but finally settled as a proud member of The Deadly Sins, titled "Daemon of Brawl".

This character will always be some kind of a Demon, although I am still not sure if Infernal Behemoth or some other Evil class.

Good Guy Badziew

Hello. Need help?

Good side of original Badziew, now living as an independent entity.

Yet another wanderer, jumping between factions and places as his mood strikes him. Probably known the most as a Stronghold tank for Church of the Resurrection.

Currently a member of the Foundation.

Similar to previous characters, this one will always be some kind of Angel, although I have not locked him down to a particular Class choice.

Sentient Spellbook

Interesting. Scheduled for further analysis.

The origins of this book are unknown, nor is the way it got its sentience. Perhaps it is a tool of an Elder Power, or a relic from a different Breath. It just reactivated one day in the middle of the Nexus, with damaged memory banks and no data about its recent history.

Its way of thinking, motivations or goals are hard to comprehend by "normal" Nexus citizens, but it seems to be ignoring the war of Angels and Demons and instead focusing on gathering knowledge in all possible forms — be it Books, Spells, Newspapers, or just exploring various Planes.

This search for knowledge may also be a reason why it created its [DATA EXCHANGE FACILITY] micro-faction, although it later disbanded it and joined Ragged Philanthropists instead.

Currently a cultist of The Black Lantern.

This character is deliberately a total pacifist, and I actually feel proud for keeping its damage/kills statistics at zeroes. I originally planned to make it a merchant, but apparently there is not that much market for Spellgems so usually I just burn its AP on random activities.


Yet another madman. Claims to be a bat and a distant cousin of Badziew triplets.

A joke character, born from lazy idea of playing a Revenant and chatting on Discord about a fitting name.

On character creation it got randomly assigned to Invisible Manufacturing Agency?, which was amusing enough that he stayed there for a while until he moved to a different Faction.

Currently helping in Kodiak Steel Company, but it may change in the future if he is needed somewhere else.

This character will (obviously) always be a bat-themed Revenant, but I am still experimenting with its build.


  • "Badziew" means "crap" in Polish.
  • All character avatars are taken (CC BY 3.0) from excellent gallery.