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Aidan, or Aideen, is a two legged land mammal from the AZN family species. They are quite adept at puns, however the slightest hint of danger and they will either attempt to run or flop down to the floor and form into a ball. The Aidan species is considered harmless.

Habits of the Aideen species

An Aideen, using the plummage from more successful species

The mating habits of Aideen's are largely misunderstood and complicated. Aideen's lack the muscle density to use a show of strength to secure mates, and they also lack any meaningful features - instead, Aideen's pluck the plumage from more successful creatures and glue it to their own bodies in hopes of attracting a mate through disguise. However, Aideen populations have dropped dramatically over the years as the female of the species has seemingly disappeared from the world and thus far scientists are unsure what, if any, other species may be a genetic match for mating purposes.

Collection of Potentially Useful IG Flavor for Wiki pages

- Your morality has risen dangerously high! Any further increase of morality will cause a loss of your demonic powers

- Your morality is no longer low enough to qualify as Evil. Your demonic powers have been revoked! You must decrease your morality to at least -20 to have them restored

- Your morality has again descended low enough to register as Evil! Your demonic powers have been restored!

- Your morality is no longer high enough to qualify as Good. You have fallen from grace and have lost your angelic powers. You must increase your morality to at least 20 again to have them restored!

To-Do List

1) Bother K for absolutely no reason

2) Fix redirects that don't point to specific portions of pages (I think most of the food item entries are guilty of this)

3) Test whether Defiler Poison may persist erroneously in demons (probably after the Nexmas event is over, though)