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I have a wiki account?

Mostly using this page to try and get used to the editing thingy.

To Do List (In order of priority/ can be botheredness)

Do the truncheon entry on the melee weapons page + do the redirect

Go through all the clothing entries and correct their find locations- Check with Kandarin about items previously in the premium store, but now able to be found normally- I'd assume they *should* then drop in price to 50 Cr, but double check just in case.)

Figure out the chance/ap for each item in the locations and record it.

Thingy I can't be bothered to keep checking.


Iron Garrison = Yes, other thingies = no.


Gonna need to rework out what is in B3.5. Or double check Obsolete items!

Looks like: Lush orchard, idyllic grassland, idyllic forest, ivory tower. Probably not any of those other things that you were wondering about, eg clockwork tower.

IRC Logs

Kandarin saying stuff about the Elder Powers and why things fall downwards.

2015-07-09 20:20:02] <Kandarin> All of the Elder Powers have things they always get their way on every time.

[2015-07-09 20:20:32] <Kandarin> Like, gravity always works because Goros says so and none of the other Elder Powers have an alternative that works.

[2015-07-09 20:20:47] <A_Doctor> How about things being attatched via velcro?

[2015-07-09 20:20:54] <Gans> What about anti gravity?

[2015-07-09 20:21:02] * A_Doctor prefers his velcro idea :P

[2015-07-09 20:21:11] * A_Doctor plans to become an elder power now :D

[2015-07-09 20:22:00] <Kandarin> Everyone dies because Hashaa says so and none of the Elder Powers have a compelling argument why not.

[2015-07-09 20:22:24] <Kandarin> Alonai had an issue with that but Hashaa pointed out that death limits the potential for suffering and that was that.

[2015-07-09 20:22:27] * A_Doctor is certain Kandarin has said this before to him in exactly these words :P

[2015-07-09 20:22:35] <A_Doctor> Except for the Alonai thing, that's new :D

[2015-07-09 20:23:01] <Gans> They all come back to life anyway.

[2015-07-09 20:23:17] <Gans> I suppose them and Hashaa must of reached a compromise.

[2015-07-09 20:23:22] <Gans> Death in exchange for endless respawning.

[2015-07-09 20:23:23] <Gans> :P

[2015-07-09 20:23:28] <Kandarin> Many of the rules of mortal worlds are less strict in the struggle.

Laurentia thoughts

Pier bombing(Kinda think it was an EM Pariah)-Increased Surveillance - Blue Rose(Which turned into one of Baraas' guilds).

Would've thought Baraas would like the OCA- Seems to fall under his politician thing. Probably missing something. Tlacolotl? (Actually, did the Powers have any influence at all over what was going on before Laurentia entered the Nexus? Should probably try and find out.)

Katerina's gonna want the RRF to set up in Sunset :/ That said, it seems to have a library, factory and hospital nearby, along with a bunch of police stations in the area. Will be a pain for gunsmiths though. Also, we could live in a mansion, which'd be nice.

Sunrise also seems to have quite a few resource buildings(Note to self- ask Kandarin about search rates for a warehouse. Wiki doesn't have the find + hide chance) and a clothes shop- Has library, Hospital and a pharmacy. Guns would probably have to rely on a sporting goods store though. (Check with Kandarin that the find rates there are correct- weren't DBS supposed to have been removed?)

Newbury library. Alice is famous!

Oh yeah. Blue Rose pin. Blue Rose guild. Blue Rose protested against the OCA in the Olympic Tower. Probably where their guild is. Had this suspicion since I helped Kandarin with the location pages. Also, skyscraper isn't able to be SH'd. Would make sense to avoid people being blocked from entering the guild- other unique buildings can be SH'd to promote conflict.

Tanky thoughts

1) Innate armour doesn't matter- pots mean you're soaking pets down to 1 anyway. HP, aura, dodge are all more important.

2) NC adaptation means best tank depending on pet composition. Need 2 of arcane/mundanes and *mixed*. Doesn't help if they're split 50/50. They can clear any number of pets for 1 hp. However it relies on the PMs.

3) IB, never tried, but can get stupid high HP. Negative dodge, however, when they activate their blood frenzy.

4) Good factions get an advantage in tanking - external healing, sprites are stupid, advocates are broken OP if done right because lol blessings.

5) Water cloak HC is immune to most pets because pots + slashing. Whispering Wind 40% attack failure chance means you can probably snipe the PM, or just use an aura as well.

6) ES, literally the only things stopping them from being the outright best tanks is that they require specific builds from allies to reach their full potential. Also, no aura kinda sucks, although you *can* hit 30 damage with an enchanted saber + WoF, and could do more with a bow.