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Unaligned is a term used in the Nexus to describe those who have sided neither with the Angels of Elysium nor the Demons of Stygia. The term is most commonly associated with Unaligned Factions - those allowing only Transcended characters - and the followers of the three Unaligned Elder Powers: Goros, Marquai, and Hashaa.

The Unaligned are broadly considered one of the three main "sides" of the Nexus alongside Good and Evil and are one of the options presented at character creation. The Unaligned are more concerned with preserving free will and the independence of humanity than the greater goods of the Angels or the selfish pursuits of the Demons, and depart the least from their base humanity in pursuit of their goals. The Plane most commonly associated with the Unaligned is Purgatorio, though that plane cannot be visited in the present Breath.

The Unaligned are often associated with Neutral Morality, but this is a tenuous connection; while it is easier to maintain Neutral morality in Unaligned factions than elsewhere, only the Nexus Champion actually benefits from doing so and Unaligned Factions rarely require or expect Neutrality. The Unaligned Elder Powers are unconcerned with Morality and all count Good, Neutral and Evil beings among their followers.