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Uffern is a large demiplane in the east of the demonic plane of Stygia. A twisted wasteland coated in a fine layer of blood and gore, Uffern is particularly influence by the writhing chaos of Tholaghru, whose creatures are most likely to spawn there. Feral Imps will always spawn in Uffern and swarm over the land there, even if no Infernal Hatcheries are in operation elsewhere in the Nexus.

Features in Uffern

The Circus Carnivorous
Carnival of blood and pain, the Circus Carnivorous plays host to Tholaghru's shrine. Within the Circus, Tholaghru's gift of Explosive Murder is freely given to all - even those untainted by demonhood find it within their power.

The Blood Mill
Never ceasing, the wheel of this mill works along the searing River Styx, dredging up meat and bone to work into ghastly creations. From its toil originates the Blood Wastes.

The Wyrmwaste
Far inland, the soil in this cursed region of Uffern churns and shakes uneasily at the motion of something far beneath the ground. A burrow in the ground has revealed that its cause is the tunnelings of the Great Wyrm, but finding the beast in its lair is a perilous task and slaying it is more so.

Traveling to Uffern

A previously mundane collection of occult books in a mansion in south Sunrise now offers a supernatural path to Uffern, connecting with the far larger trove of Secrets of the Gnasher. Within Stygia, Uffern contains passages to to Sanguinis Diabolus, Tartarus, Gomorrah and The Death Cascade.