Twisted Leap

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Twisted Leap
Class CP Requires
Wyrm Master 30 None
  • May leap to any visible tile on the map, as long as the tile is passable
  • Any occupants will receive a message announcing the Wyrm Master's arrival

The Wyrm Master gains the ability to "leap" to reach any visible tile. The Wyrm Master cannot use this ability to leap to a tile that would otherwise be inaccessible (e.g., a Wyrm Master without Water Breathing or Swim would not be able to leap into a water tile).

Leaping into a location will alert all characters there to the Wyrm Master's arrival, via a message in the messages pane, unless you're invisible.

Leaping costs 1AP for the Wyrm Master and all accompanying pets. As this skill does not reduce the cost of movement, but increases the distance one can go, Twisted Leap stacks with Flying. This allows the Wyrm Master to cross four tiles in one AP.

Wyrm Master Skills

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