Touch of Corrupted Loyalty

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Touch of Corrupted Loyalty
Class CP Requires
Corruptor 60 Cut the Silver Cord
Touch of Corrupted Loyalty
AP MP HP Duration
1 10 - Instant

Only targets Pets

  • On hit, Corruptor gains control of the targeted pet
  • For every pet Corruptor currently holds, there is a 20% chance of attack failing and dismissing target pet

The Corruptor breaks the tie between Pet and Master, binding the creature to the Corruptor's will. This attack uses the Melee Combat Skill tree to determine hit chance, has a base accuracy of 10%, and requires 1 AP and 10 MP to use. On a successful hit, the targeted pet comes under the control of the Corruptor as though the Corruptor, not the true petmaster, had summoned it. The pet can be renamed, rejuvenated, etc, as normal.

If a Corruptor already controls a pet when using this skill, there is a chance that this skill functions as Cut the Silver Cord instead (except there is no XP gain in this instance). The chance is 20% per pet already controlled. This means that there is a maximum of 5 pets can be captured by this attack, after which it will function as Cut the Silver Cord 100% of the time. This does not mean that the Corruptor cannot have more than 5 pets, only that that the Corruptor cannot capture more than 5 pets - Zombies and Ghouls retain their ability to raise their victims as more Zombies or Ghouls, allowing a Corruptor to control legions of the dead.

There are some pets that cannot be summoned if the petmaster is already controlling one - pets like Wrackwyrms, Fossil Monstrosities, etc. Corruptors can ignore this restriction as they do not summon pets, only steal them. It is therefore entirely possible for a Corruptor to control 5 Fossil Monstrosities at the same time, a mix of Tigers, Wrackwyrms, and Wheels, etc. Indeed, Corruptors will sometimes cooperate with petmasters in their faction to gather an appropriate retinue.

Most Angelic Pets will be twisted into infernal mockeries of their original form. Wheels of Injustice and Hellsprites are two examples of this.

Wraiths cannot be captured with Touch of Corrupted Loyalty. Wraiths are loyal only to Haldos, even liches have entirely lost the little power they had to control them.

Corruptor Skills

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