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The Elder Power commonly known as Tlacolotl bears a portfolio that encompasses violence – not random, unreasoning violence, but the surgical use of violence, directed at a particular person or object, to accomplish a particular design. He is aligned with Evil.


Tlacolotl is often depicted as a huge, vaguely human-shaped entity of indelible black stone that glows red from an intense inner heat.

The symbol used by the cult of Tlacolotl is the icon for "Hatred" (Ne-Tlaca) in the ancient Stygian language of Ohrmurrah. It is found in written on nearly everything that is even remotely connected with the deity, from books to buildings, and even on random stone cairns found throughout the Nexal Planes.


Tlacolotl is highly intelligent and a consummate manipulator who will use whatever technique is most advantageous in order to reach his long-term goals. In this vein, Tlacolotl is extremely patient in allowing his plans to come to fruition and is often quite content to simply outlast his enemies’ resolve.

Tlacolotl is a psychopath who will hide behind the veneer of civility when it suits him, and will even obey the laws of others so long as doing so provides him with an advantage.

The perfect world, in the mind of Tlacolotl, is one where he makes all the decisions and has sufficient power to enforce them without fear of resistance or reprisal. All opposing viewpoints must be removed, and if violent removal of the opposing viewpoint is impossible, then persuasion is almost as good.


Tlacolotl is the primary source of power of Dark Oppressors and Infernal Behemoths.