The Radiant Order

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The Radiant Order
Link: The Radiant Order
Leaders: a tree octopus
Secundus Nulli
Alignment: Good
Level: 3
Members: 5
Renown: 2911

There comes a time in every soul's journey when The Choice must be made. Death, pain, suffering, a heart closed to all but itself -- down that path, only Evil exists. Drifting, wandering, the illusion of choice -- Neutrality is a trap for those who think they are free.

But there are those who choose another path, towards Righteousness, the road to Justice, the way of Good. There are those who uphold the true Virtues of mankind, who defend the weak, who stand before the terrible onslaught of Armageddon.

They are The Radiant Order.

Rank Structure

There are four ranks of advancement within The Radiant Order:

  • Allegiant (currently called Initiate until we can change faction rank names)
All new recruits join as an Allegiant. The paths of Good are long and arduous, and Allegiants are taught the Pillars of Elysium. Once an Allegiant has proven their mastery of the Pillars of Trust and Faith, they are ready for advancement.
  • Devoted (currently called Veteran until we can change faction rank names)
This rank is bestowed upon members who have proven themselves worthy. Their knowledge of the Pillars of Trust and Faith serve as a foundation for mastery of the Pillars of Truth and Courage.
  • Steadfast (currently called Lieutenant until we can change faction rank names)
This rank is granted in recognition of extensive contributions to the faction. Only through service to The Radiant Order, in furtherance of the goals of Good, can a member be elevated to Steadfast. Members at this rank delve deeply into the mysteries of the Pillars of Justice and Love. As Justice and Love are so critical, and so deeply woven into the fabric of Goodness, members at this rank may spend many long years in study. As a result, this rank is generally accounted as the highest that it is possible for a member to achieve.
  • Resolute (currently called Leader until we can change faction rank names)
The highest rank possible within The Radiant Order. Only the most trusted, most loyal, most dedicated servants of Good will even be considered for this rank. A deep and abiding mastery of the final, most critical, Pillar is essential (indeed, required). The Pillar of Law is the capstone on a life dedicated to the pursuit of Good.


Headquarters of The Radiant Order, was established at (10, 5) on the plane of Marrakun, with the express purpose of purifying the damned city of it's taint. While appearing to be nothing more than a tavern, to eyes attuned to the energies of Elysium it is a gleaming tower, a radiant beacon in a sea of darkness.

Factional Policies

Evil is a scourge and must be contested at every turn. Every item in the arsenal of Good must be used to combat the enemy. Weapons, spells, skills -- these are the weapons of a true Warrior of Good.

  • Members of The Radiant Order are expected, if possible, to heal and protect to the best of their ability, wounded Good characters.
  • Members of The Radiant Order are free to kill any Evil they encounter, no matter whether they are allies, friends or enemies.
  • Do not heal those who are Evil -- they are undeserving of our protection.
  • Alt abuse is not tolerated. Do not use the knowledge of another character to benefit your Radiant Order character, and vice versa. This is a common sense rule, and one that should apply universally.

If you feel you have been wronged by a member of The Radiant Order, please let a Leader know either via IRC, wiki post, or in- game communication and present us with your evidence.



The Radiant Order is lucky to have a number of skilled alchemists on hand. Many have fully researched the available potions and are able to make brews upon request. Our Alchemists are:

  • Antonine
  • Draigh
  • Janna
  • Stilmar
  • Teksura
  • Thomas Ligotti
  • Tumalt
  • Ventis Secundus

Pattern Weaving

Our Pattern Weavers are:

  • Draigh
  • Terraplane


The Radiant Order is home to a number of highly skilled smiths and crafters. Those worthies are:


  • Master Bowyers
Ventis Secundus


  • Master Gunsmiths


  • Mastersmiths
A Giant Toad
  • Smiths
Cherubic Badass


For additional info regarding raiding, please see this page.

The Radiant Order raids on a regular basis, with several strike teams operating at different times of the day.


Faction Achievements

The Beginning

As a result of the union between The Faithful and The Divine Slayers, The Radiant Order is formed.

The Village of the Blessed

Marrakun, once nicknamed "The Village of the Damned", has been dominated by The Radiant Order. Much of the corrupted land has been healed, and the city is no longer plagued by wickedness.

Breath 3.5 - Laurentia

We now reside in Laurentia, near one of the library complexes. We have not relaxed our vigilance and continue the fight against evil and corruption wherever it may be.

Personal Achievements


NexusClash Forums

The Radiant Order's leadership can be contacted via forum messages on the NexusClash forums. Messages should be sent to either Ventis Secundus (forum account Sac) or Khaze (forum account Khaze).

NexusClash Wiki

Many members of the Order watch the NexusClash wiki, and if a message is left on The Radiant Order's Talk Page someone will respond in a timely- ish manner.