The Golden Bold

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The Golden Bold


Link: The Golden Bold
Leaders: Andrew
Alignment: Good
Policy: Open
Level: 6
Membership: 15
Focus: Customer servicee

Do you like affordable prices on food and snacks? Are you personable and willing to go the extra mile to greet customers? Do you just want to sit inside and search for Food all the time? Well apply for a job at Twenty-Four Seven! Now Hiring all non-demons (and Fallen)!


All employees are required to work a minimum of one cashier shift per week.

Job duties for employees include:

  • Ringing customers
  • Stocking shelves
  • Ordering product
  • Maintaining a safe and clean work environment
  • Updating sale signage


  • 1 - Coolers
  • 2 - Candy, chips.
  • 3 - Paper products.
  • 4 - Cleaning products, automotive.
  • 5 - Single-serve grocery items
  • 6 - Single-serve grocery items
  • 7 - Seasonal candy
  • 8 - Seasonal candy
  • 9 - Healthcare
  • 10 - Cosmetics, haircare
  • 11 - Registers, candy, photo pickup
  • 12 - Freezers


Twenty Four Seven would like to announce our recent purchase of the Pills 4 U located right next door! We're currently renovating the store to be more in-line with our branding, so check back soon!


If you have a question about how our store is run or wish to join, please send a message to any of the leaders or join in the Discord.