The Death Cascade

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The Death Cascade is a demiplane in the far northeast of the demonic plane of Stygia. With the shattering of the plane of Stygia, this region has lost much of its Demonic power and fallen under the influence of Unaligned forces. Haldos, the first Lich, has moved the remains of his Necrotic Tower and its necro-ecosystem of bones into the Death Cascade, drawn to the site by a long-buried phylactery.

The Necrotic Tower is the most prominent feature of the Death Cascade, and much of the rest of the land is cracked by the eruptions of the twin volcanoes Tambora and Toba. A few Stygian buildings remain as damaged reminders of the land's demonic past.

Because it has been seized by Unaligned forces, the Planar Damage caused by being in Stygia is weaker within the Death Cascade, and deals only one point of damage instead of three. Stygian wildlife will not enter the Death Cascade, no matter how many Infernal Hatcheries exist in the Nexus. Instead, Wraiths roam the land, consuming the life and magic of intruders in Haldos' name. Despite these limitations, Demons still have a chance to Respawn here.