The Deadly Sins

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The Deadly Sins


Link: The Deadly Sins
Leaders: Isabel Hasheen
Ariel Darkheart
A Doctor
Alignment: Evil (Alignment-Restricted)
Policy: Open
Level: 7
Membership: 16
Focus: Raiding and Pillaging

We are the Sixteen (number is highly variable) Deadly Sins. A mighty demon horde from the deepest depths of Stygia, we rampage across the Nexus spreading hellfire and destruction across Valhalla and Elysium alike. The Deadly Sins claim dominion over the whole of the infernal plane of Stygia, and at any given time it's quite common for a majority of the demons in Stygia to be ours. Including that one right behind you. Yes, that one. As such, we've claimed as our base the Gulag Magnificent, the huge ominous Ebony Tower in the middle of the Unholy City of Pandaemonium that you just can't miss.

Since we've taken over the center of government of an entire infernal plane, the Deadly Sins issue Stygian heraldry - Demons in our ranks are usually granted the title of the Demon Of something, ranging from Wrath to False Prophecy to the Outer Darkness. Dark Oppressors in the Sins may also have noble titles reflecting their rank in the infernal hierarchy of Stygia, as we are the only demon horde in which Oppressors can fully manifest their reign over that hellish plane.

We raid a whole lot, usually three or at least two times a week, so if you're a lesser demon looking to become a greater demon, or already are one and love a good fight, join us for a hell of a time! Evil nondemons are welcome too, of course, and some of our best members are transcends, but you're probably sensing a theme with the whole "only allows evil morality, based in a dark fortress in the center of the lava-moated capital city of Hell" thing.

Politics and Alliances

As the Nexal epitome of Evil, the Deadly Sins are the enemies of all Good and Unaligned factions and allied to all Evil factions that will accept an alliance. If you're demons, we're probably not going to raid you unless you raid us or hostile us first. If you're not demons, expect to get raided by us at least once. If you're not demons and we think you're strong enough to fight back, expect to get raided by us a whole lot. Of course, being constantly at war with two thirds of the Nexus means we're switching between a lot of different targets and it may take a while for us to get to you.

The Deadly Sins have fought factional wars with The Golden Bold, Invisible Manufacturing Agency, Foundation, the Ragged Philanthropists and All Your Souls who seem to be the closest thing to a Good Opposite that we have. Our allies include Oblivion Squadron, The Demons Next Door, and Feral Clowder.

You can reach us at any time of the unending Stygian night via our Discord server


We've always been there in the darkest recesses of Stygia, or possibly the human subconscious. But the Deadly Sins are a pretty new development, founded at the start of 2018 in a time when Demonic forces were scattered and faltering, defeated across the Nexus by Good and Unaligned forces. The Sins were gathered together from a far-flung collection of demons and other evildoers from many different factions and allegiances to form a powerful new horde. Other demonic factions have appeared and the battlefield is more evenly matched now, but we're still out there fighting the bad fight!