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Class CP Requires
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Template:Skillbox is built to provide a quick-glance summary at the basics of any given skill. This template is a combination of Liche's Skillbox Template and Odd Starter's original NW-Wiki Skillbox Template.

The syntax for placing Skillbox is as follows:

skill_name=Name of the Skill
ZSkillLearn Template
ZSkillEffect Template

  • The ZSkillLearn Template is a sub-template of this template to make inserting multiple Class/CP/Require table rows easier. It's Syntax is as follows:
    You can repeat this sub-template (use newlines!) as many times as needed.
  • If a Skill does damage or includes an innate attack, skill_effect should include a call to Template:ZDamageChart, which has syntax as follows:
    {{ZDamageChart|Name|AP|MP|HP|Other Costs|Attack Type|Base Accuracy|Damage Type|Max Target Damage|Max Total Damage|Notes}}
    Attack Types include Martial, Melee, Fencing, Archery, Firearms, Thrown, Spell, Charged, Aura and AoE.
    If an AoE uses another Type for accuracy, include that. Example: 'AoE/Spell'
  • If a Skill has an other type of Activated Ability, skill_effect should include a call to Template:ZAbilityChart, which has a syntax as follows:
  • If a Skill provides Armor, skill_effect should include a call to Template:ZArmorChart, which has a syntax as follows:
  • Other Effects can simply use BulletLists or other simple formatting.


This Example displays a fictional Skill with an Aura, Armor and Ability, belonging to multiple classes.

skill_name=Shield of Death
{{ZSkillLearn|[[Revenant]]|60|[[One with Death]]}}
{{ZSkillLearn|[[Lich]]|60|[[One with Death]]}}
* Wow this is amazingly overpowered.
{{ZDamageChart|Frost Aura|-|-|-|-|Aura|-|Cold|4|-|}}
{{ZAbilityChart|Death Well|5|10|0|20 Status Ticks|* While Death Well is active, all Death-Type attacks launched in the same location as the character are nullified, regardless of Target.}}

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