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Mortal Skills

EngineeringStructural Engineering || First AidSurgery || Hand-to-Hand Combat Boxing |→ DodgeEvasion |→ Martial ArtsAdvanced Martial Arts || HideAdvanced Hide || Lockpicking || Melee CombatAdvanced Melee CombatHold Bladed Edge |⇒Expert Melee Combat |→ Parry || Ranged CombatArcheryAdvanced Archery |→ FirearmsAdvanced Firearms |→ Thrown WeaponsAdvanced Thrown Weapons || Repair ItemBowyerMaster Bowyer |→ GunsmithMaster Gunsmith |→ SmithingMastersmith || Search || Sense MagicTap Ley LinePsychic Bloodhound || Sense Morality || Planar Protection || StrengthStamina || Swim

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|| skill tree divider

| skill tree branch

→ (single arrow) goes to 20CP skill

⇒ (double arrow) goes to 30CP skill

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