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→ [[Arcane Warrior]]
→ [[Arcane Warrior]]
|→ [[Martial Spellcraft]]  
|→ [[Martial Spellcraft]]  
|→ [[Spell Combat]]
|| [[Elite Attack]]
|| [[Elite Attack]]
|| [[Ghost Tendrils]]  
|| [[Ghost Tendrils]]  

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Doom Howler Skills

Aether ManipulationArcane Warrior |→ Martial Spellcraft || Elite Attack || Ghost TendrilsSoul Draining || Ghostwalk || Gnashing of TeethDoomblight || Scream of the Banshee (free skill) → Wail of the DeadKeening of the Damned || Spectral ArmorPhasing || Summon Chain GremlinAncient Trickery || Wytchfire

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Copied shamelessly from the Wizard skill list which was taken from the NW Wiki

|| skill tree divider

| skill tree branch

→ (single arrow) goes to 60CP skill

⇒ (double arrow) goes to 90CP skill

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