Tattoo of Spell Projection

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Tattoo of Spell Projection
Class CP Requires
Nexus Champion 60 Tattoo of Sorcery
  • Character gains charged attack that overwrites damage type and amount.
  • Damage and Accuracy boosts still apply
  • 1/3 normal spell cost (rounded up)
  • Thrown Weapons are consumed

Character gains a Charged Attack that overwrites the damage amount and damage type of a Thrown Weapons or Archery attack with any spell he knows. Spell familiarity does not apply to this base damage amount. However, any damage or accuracy boosts that would normally apply to the weapon (e.g., +2 damage bonus from Strength for thrown weapons, +5% for Combat Mastery, etc.) still apply. If used with an enchanted weapon, the spell's base damage is used, with the damage bonus and type from the enchantments on top. This means if a Nexus Champion uses Bilious Purge with a +6 arcane enchanted long bow, they will do 12 base damage from the spell, with +5 from the enchants, for a total of 17 arcane damage, assuming no other skills.

The cost of the Charged attack is equal to 1/3 the spell's spontaneous MP cost, rounded up.

When making an attack with a Thrown Weapon, the weapon is consumed.

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