Tattoo of Inner Strength

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Tattoo of Inner Strength
Class CP Requires
Nexus Champion 60 Tattoo of Strength
  • +10 max HP
  • +5 max MP
  • Only half MP lost from attacks
  • 1AP 8MP to activate Heavy Lifting status
Heavy Lifting
AP MP HP Duration
1 8 - 15 Minutes
  • Gain +25 inventory space
  • Costs 1MP per 15Mins

A character with this skill gains a permanent 10 Hit Points and 5 Magic Points increase maximum. In addition, the character becomes more resistant to magic-draining and -sapping attacks (like a Revenant's Umbral Sword). These attacks now remove only half as many Magic Points as they normally would.

The character is also able to activate the Heavy Lifting Status Effect for 1 AP and 8 MP. This status effect may not be activated if already active, however it can be activated while the character is encumbered. It costs an additional 1 MP for every 15 minutes beyond the first.

While Heavy Lifting is in effect, the character gains +25 inventory space and gains the ability to pick up and use Heavy Items.

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