Tattoo of Adaptation

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Tattoo of Adaptation
Class CP Requires
Nexus Champion 60 Tattoo of Resistance
  • After being hit, Nexus Champion gains 10 status ticks of Adapted to (Damage Type) status effect
  • While adapted, NC is Immune to damage of the stated type
  • When hit with a different damage type while Adapted, NC loses first adaptation and adapts to the new damage type for 10 status ticks
  • Character regenerates 1 HP every AP tick

A character with this skill now regenerates 1 Hit Point at every AP Tick.

When the character with this skill is successfully hit with an attack that deals damage, the character gains the Adapted to (damage type) Status Effect for 10 Status Ticks. While the Status Effect is active, the character gains Immunity to attacks that deal the type of damage they have adapted to. Being hit by an attack the character is currently adapted to does not reset the status tick counter and may eventually deplete it (allowing for another round of adaptation). If the character is hit by an attack dealing a different damage type (and thus dealing damage), they lose their previous adaptation and become adapted to the new attack's damage type. In other words, a character with this skill will only have an adaptation to one damage type at a time.

This skill does not provide any protection to unsoakable damage. Damage that arises from Poison, Planar Damage, or smoking a Pack of Cigarettes (for example) will not be prevented by this skill.

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