Tap Ley Line

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Tap Ley Line
Class CP Requires
Mortal 20 Sense Magic
  • User is able to drain magic points from Ley Lines.

Tap Ley Line allows the character to measure the amount of magical essence present in the current location, and enables the character to drain that energy to boost one's Magic Point total. It is possible to go over a character's normal Magic Point maximum by using this skill, up to a limit of twice their maximum.

To use this skill the character must be standing outside on a tile that has a Ley Line to a depth of 51 or more points. If this condition is met, the skill can be activated for 1 Action Point, and then the strength of the Ley Line will be reduced and the character's Magic Points boosted:

  • If the Ley Line is Arcane or if the user is Transcended, the Ley Line will always be reduced by 50 points and the character will gain 5 MP.
  • If the Ley Line is Holy, the Ley Line will be reduced by 40 points for 5 MP if used by an Angel and reduced by 50 points for 5 MP if used by a Demon. A Demon will suffer 10 points of unsoakable damage.
  • If the Ley Line is Unholy, the Ley Line will be reduced by 40 points for 5 MP if used by a Demon and reduced by 50 points for 5 MP if used by an Angel. An Angel will lose 5 Morality.

It should be noted that any character with more Magic Points in their pool than their normal maximum will lose 5 Magic Points per Game Tick. For example, a 30th level character currently at their maximum of 49 Magic Points uses Tap Ley Line to gain an additional 30 Magic Points. They now have 79 Magic Points. Since the character is over their normal maximum for Magic Points, they will lose 5 MP per Action Point Tick until their Magic Point total is at or less than their normal maximum amount.

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