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Class CP Requires
Mortal 20 First Aid
  • +5 to HP healed when using First Aid Kits or similar items
  • User is able to craft First Aid Kits and Surgeon's Kits
  • User is able to harvest Stygian Bone Leeches or Healing Herbs, depending on class.
  • User is able to use surgery to heal other people
  • User is able to apply body enhancement on others

Increases the number of Hit Points (HP) that can be healed when using a First Aid Kit (FAK), Healing Herb or Stygian Bone Leech by a further 5 points, bringing the total to 15 HP per use.

Allows the character to craft a FAK for 5 AP or a Surgeon's Kit for 10 AP when in a Hospital. Non-Angels can harvest Stygian Bone Leeches in Halls of Reconstruction for 5 AP, and non-Demons can harvest Healing Herbs in Wards of Respite for 5 AP.

Allows the character to use Surgery for 5 AP, healing another character by 15 HP. This ability requires the surgeon to have a Surgeon's Kit in their inventory. The Surgeon's Kit is not used up when employing this ability. You cannot use a Surgeon's Kit to perform Surgery on yourself.

If Surgery is performed within a Hospital connected to working electric power, it costs only 2 AP.

Allows the character to use Body Enhancement for 5 AP at a powered Augmentation Clinic.

Mortal Skills

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