Summon Wrackwyrm

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Summon Wrackwyrn
Class CP Requires
Wyrm Master 60 Summon Horrid Tentacle
  • Can summon single Wrackwyrm pet
  • Costs 1 AP and 30 MP
  • Does not suffer Pet Decay

This skills gives the Wyrm Master the ability to summon and control a single Wrackwyrm for 1 AP and 30 MP.
The Wrackwyrm does not suffer from Pet Decay.

Wyrm Master Skills

Acid Blood (free skill) → Acid Spittle |→ Summon Wrackwyrm || Metamorphic Unguis || Summon HellhoundMaster of the Pack |→ Nether Grafting || Summon Horrid Tentacle |→ Favor of GNak |→ Binding of GNak || Glyph Mastery || Summon ImpImpish Mischief |→ Interpose Thrall || Translucency || Twisted Leap