Stygian Gym

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Stygian Gym


Link: Stygian Gym
Leaders: Bad Guy Badziew
Alignment: Evil
Policy: Open
Level: 1
Membership: 1
Focus: Roleplaying


Stygian Gym offers free sparring and massage services to all Nexus citizens, no matter their affiliation. If you are interested then please visit our stronghold and let us take care of you!

This micro-faction was created by Bad Guy Badziew in hope it will attract some "sparring partners", but the idea never worked out so the faction was abandoned and the leader joined The Deadly Sins instead.


  • Faction name does not refer to its location but to preferred fighting style - rough, bloody and dirty like Stygian landscape, allowing all types of dirty tricks except killing the sparring partner.
  • Faction Stronghold is frequently relocated depending on leader's whims (this place looks nice, let's settle here for a while).