Strength of Darkness

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Strength of Darkness
Class CP Requires
Revenant 0 None
  • -10% to search during Daytime, +20% to search during Nighttime
  • Grants Immunity to Death damage
Damage Bonus: +2
To-Hit Bonus: 10%
Dodge Bonus: 5%
Nighttime Regeneration: 5hp per game tick
Damage Penalty: -1
To-Hit Penalty: -5%
Dodge Penalty: -10%
Daylight Damage: 2 (unsoakable)

The Revenant gains +2 to damage, +10% to hit, and +5% to defense during the Nighttime but -1 to damage, -5% to hit, and -10% defense during the Daytime. In addition, the character takes 2 points of unsoakable damage for every action taken while outside during daylight.

Revenants with this skill are immune to attacks that deal Death damage. In addition, they will regenerate 5 Hit Points at each Game Tick, provided they do not have zero hit points and the tick occurs at night. For the purposes of planes with a day/night cycle, dusk (the tick that shifts day into night) grants the regeneration, while dawn (the tick that shifts night into day) does not.

Revenants prefer the cool of the night to the harsh light of the sun, and thus receive a -10% penalty to searches during the daytime and gain a +20% bonus during nighttime (which stacks with the normal -10% penalty for nighttime searches). This means that (compared to mortals) they are penalized for searching during the day and rewarded for searching at night. Note that Revenants do still gain the normal benefits from the lights being on in a powered building - such artificial light is entirely harmless.

Revenants receive this skill for free upon choosing the class.

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