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This article refers to the Mortal skill. For the status effect which results from using a Potion of Strength, see Status Effect#Strength.

Class CP Requires
Mortal 10 None
  • +20 to user's carrying capacity
  • +1 damage when using bows
  • +2 damage when using thrown weapons
  • Reduces by 5% the penalty when attacking with a Heavy Weapon
  • +5HP on building fortifications

Strength increases the character's inventory weight allowance by 20 points. Strength also grants other bonuses.

Those bonuses are:

  • Damage bonus of +1 when using a Bow (Long, Short, Compound)
  • Damage bonus of +2 when using a Thrown Weapon (Throwing Knife, Hatchet, and so on)
  • When attacking with Heavy Weapons, the to-hit penalty is reduced by 5%
  • Adds +5HP per AP spent erecting Fortifications.
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