Stepping of the World Gate

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Stepping of the World Gate
Class CP Requires
Void Walker 60 Stepping of the Corner
  • Portals no longer cost MP to pass through
  • For 1AP and 10MP, Void Walker is able to randomly step from one plane to another

The character can travel through Portals without needing, or using, Magic Points. This skill does not affect the number of Action Points or Hit Points used.

The Void Walker gains the ability to step across dimensions for 1 AP and 10 MP. The character can choose to go to Valhalla, Elysium, Purgatorio, or Stygia, and will appear in a random location in that plane. The character always appears outside, and will only appear in a tile that supports respawning (i.e., will not appear over water tiles, for example).

Characters with this skill do not have to pay the extra 5 MP to "bend" portals. However, they still need to have at least 5 MP in order for the "bend" option to appear (even though those 5 MP aren't actually used up). In addition to this, the character won't be able to successfully bend a portal if they wouldn't have enough magic points to bend it naturally - e.g. a Void Walker with 14 magic points wouldn't be able to successfully bend a 10-MP portal (as 10+5=15, and the character only has 14 MP), and trying to do so will deliver the Void Walker to the portal's normal destination while costing an additional 3 AP. In all cases, the Void Walker does not actually use up any magic points.

As Guild Shrines are a form of portal, the Void Walker spends no MP to join one. Wormholes are likewise discounted.

Void Walker Skills

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