Stepping of the Stone

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Stepping of the Stone
Class CP Requires
Void Walker 90 Stepping of the World Gate
  • Void Walker may set a Stone in its location for 1 AP.
  • Void Walker may remove Stones for 1 AP.
Stone Step
AP MP HP Duration
3 20 - -
  • Teleports the Void Walker to a Stone of its choice.

The Void Walker gains the ability to "Set" a stone in the location she is currently standing in for 1 AP. The Void Walker may have up to (level/5) stones set at once. The Void Walker may remove her already-set stones at any time (she need not be in the location) for 1 AP.

For 3 AP and 20 MP, the Void Walker may teleport directly to any stone she has set, even crossing planes to do so. She will always appear on the "outside" of the target location. The stone will not be consumed when used, and may be used as many times as desired.

Void Walker Skills

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