Stepping of the Corner

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Stepping of the Corner
Class CP Requires
Void Walker 0 None
  • When inside, Void Walker is able to step directly into adjacent building interiors. Void walker may also step on water and void tiles.
  • Closed and Locked doors are ignored. Wards are not.

The Void Walker can infuse its body with magic, allowing itself to pass through walls with ease.

Character is able to pass through walls, moving from the interior of one building to another without stepping outside. If the character moves from a tile with an interior to a tile with no interior, he will appear "outside" the target tile. Stepping of the Corner does not allow character to bypass wards inside locations (e.g., Stronghold wards). Characters ignore closed and/or locked doors when stepping inside or outside a location - this always costs 1 AP per tile, even with Ether Stepping. Characters may also corner step onto void and water tiles.

Void Walkers gain this skill for free upon selecting the class.

Void Walker Skills

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