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Class CP Requires
Defiler 20 None
Shepherd 20 None
Sorcerer 0 None
  • Character can learn spells from Spellgems.
  • Character can cast spells directly from Spellgems.
  • Character gains 45% base to hit when using ranged spell combat attacks.

This skill allows the character to cast spells from memory, and to learn and cast spells from Spellgems. This skill gives a character a +20% chance to hit with ranged spells, which stacked with the 25% base chance grants a 45% chance to hit with any ranged spell attack. This can be improved with potions, spells, and skills such as Spell Combat and Battle Magic.

Shepherd Skills

Absolve Suffering || AlchemyAlchemical Transmutation || Energize || Heal Others || Hand of ZealotryHolier than Thou || Spell CombatBattle Magic || Prayer (free skill) → Devout Supplication || Spellcraft |→ Pattern Weaver |→ Sanctify Spell

Sorcerer Skills

AlchemyAlchemical Transmutation || Heal SelfMystic Vigor || Sorcerer's Might || Spell CombatBattle Magic || Spellcraft (free skill) → Deep Spellcraft |→ Pattern Weaver

Defiler Skills

AlchemyAlchemical Transmutation || Dark Heart || Soul Vampire || Life Vampire || Desecration (free skill) || Poison || Spell CombatBattle Magic || Spellcraft |→ Pattern Weaver |→ Taint Spell