Spell Parry

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Spell Parry
Class CP Requires
Wizard 30 None
  • Wizard takes no damage from known, unaltered spells.
  • Wizard takes no damage from known spells altered using known means, such as Deep Spellcraft.
  • Wizard has a two-in-three chance of taking no damage from known spells modified via unknown means.
  • Wizard has half the chance of taking no damage from unknown spells.
  • Wizard is charged 1 MP each time Spell Parry protects him from a spell.

Character gains the ability to nullify offensive spells used against them. This ability is always active. The chance of successfully negating the spell is dependent on the Wizard's knowledge of the spell in question:

  • If the character knows the base spell and the spell is not modified by Taint Spell, Sanctify Spell, or Deep Spellcraft, it is automatically countered.
  • If the character knows the base spell and has Deep Spellcraft, the spell is automatically countered even if altered via Deep Spellcraft.
  • If the character knows the base spell and the spell is modified by unknown means, whether Deep Spellcraft, Taint Spell or Sanctify Spell, the character has a 66% chance to counter the spell.
  • If the character does not know the spell, the wizard still has a chance of countering it. This chance is equal to half the chance the wizard would have had if they had known the spell.

Successfully countering a spell charges the Wizard 1 MP, but failure does not cost anything. The wizard cannot counter a spell if they don't have any MP remaining.

This ability only affects non-Supplemental Damage spell attacks, and so will not affect the damage from Auras or Martial Spellcraft.

Wizard Skills

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